Food Friday – homemade apple cider for fall festivities…

Happy Friday you guys,
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as fall is my favorite season in terms of weather, clothing and food on weekends you can find me glued to my kitchen counter and trying out new recipes. I don´t care if it is a hearty dish, a sweet treat or even a drink.
So since there isn´t any hot apple cider available in Germany I made my own. 
So here is what you need:
– 12 apples – obviously (I mixed sweet and sour)
– 2 oranges
– cinnamon 
– cloves grounded 
– sugar 
– water
– whiskey or bourbon if you like
– peel and cut the apples and put into a huge pot
– peel and cut your orange and add to the pot
– add the spices and the sugar to your fruit in the pot

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– let it cook for a short time and then let it simmer at a medium temperature for about two hours
– be sure to have a look and stir from time to time
– puree everything in your pot and let it simmer for another 45 minutes
– serve hot with a stick of cinnamon (and additional a shot of whiskey or bourbon)

I am going to serve this as an aperitif for our Thanksgiving dinner. It is the perfect fall drink.

As always thanks for stopping by. Take care. See you.

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Wedding Wednesday – which wedding shoes I am wearing and why I decided against the Hangisi model from Manolo Blahnik….


Hi guys, 
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ever since I watched the first of the Sex and the City movies one since never went out of my mind. The moment Big revealed the perfect walk-in closet to Carrie and she put a pair of royal blue Manolo Blahnik Hangisi onto the shoe shelf. As I saw this pair I knew which shoes I wanted for my future marriage.

Now that the moment is here – and I couldn´t be happier about it – I am not so sure about this pair of shoes. I got two issues about them. The first and biggest is the price. They charge about 900 Euro for this pair of shoes. I know it is a Manolo Blahnik but it still is only satin and not even leather. Although I still love it. The second factor is I don´t think I want a blue pair of shoes to my dress cause I have a romantical fall theme for my wedding and the hues are orange and burgundy. First thought about it is pretty good cause you got some new and something blue in one pair of shoe. But I wanted a more elegant pair of shoes. I know that they are available in creme and nude and white hues but theses don´t have much of an appeal to me.

 So the search went on…
As I found a pretty similar pair for a fraction of the cost I gave it a try. They are from River Island (similar here and here) and cost about 70 Euros. The blue is exactly the same and the application on the tip is different but it is a bow made of rhinestones and who could resist a bow. When they came in I wasn´t sure about the sizing cause the size 37 was to tight on the front but fit in the lenght so I ordered a 38 and that was perfect on the front but there was way to much space in the shoe. I couldn´t take this one cause I needed a size inbetween and they don´t offer half sizes.

So I ordered three more pairs. And I had an eye on one in particular which I loved on the website and I loved for real and I took at the end. They are all true to size so order the size you always take.

But let´s first have a look at the other pairs. A white pair from Dune London (similar here) which is a pretty close dupe to the Hangisi model I think and I really liked it. It has this nice brooch on the top of the heel and it fit quite good (I was walking around in the house for about an hour in every shoe) but in my opinion it was a little to high to get through a whole wedding day. They are about 140 Euros.
The second pair I tried on was also white. A really bright white. It has a pointed toe and a band to wrap around your ankle and tie (similar here and here). I think this would be a really nice shoe for a short dress but if you got a long wedding dress like I do you won´t see much of it and it was also to tight on the front so my toes didn´t have any space at all. Again not my pair of shoes. They are about 50 Euros.

The final pair I took is beyond beautiful. So artistically and ornate and mine. The brand is called Menbur and the model Ceti. Menbur is a brand which makes evening shoes and bags and bridal shoes and bags. The specilized on this segment on the market. The shoe has kind of a champagne color and a lace cover up all over. It has apricot colored flowers and rhinestone applications on the tip and I couldn´t be more in love with a shoe at all. It has a pointed tip but not to tight and the heel is high as I like it but not sky high so you coulnd´t stay or stand a whole day in it. They are about 100 Euros.

What do you think of MY pair of shoes ? I have listed a bunch of others in the widget below.

Thanks for stopping by. Take care. see you.

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Food Friday – carrot cake with white chocolate cream cheese frosting for Easter….


Hi guys and happy Friday,
the Easter weekend is finally here and I couldn´t be more excited. Having the whole family over tomorrow. Visiting the other part of the family on Sunday. Maybe we get some rest on Monday. 
Hope the weather is getting a little better (currently rain and 8°) to hide some eggs outside.
Since everyone in our family is loving my carott cake (the only exception are my parents) I made kind of an Easter tradition out of it. Not sure if I already wrote about it but it was the first cake I have made Florian when we started dating and he loved it ever since so this is our very own Easter tradition.

So put on your aprons, get your ingredients and let´s bake. 

Ingredients batter:
 – 4 eggs 
– 200 grams of grounded almonds
– 250 ml rape oil
– 1 tablespoon cinnamon 
– 2 tablespoons baking powder
– 250 grams flour
– 250 grams sugar
– 375 grams carrots grated

– mix eggs, sugar, oil and cinnamon together
– mix in the carrots and the almonds
– mix in the flour and the baking powder
– put the batter into a buttered round pan
– bake for 40 minutes at 180 degrees

Ingredients frosting:
– 250 grams white chocolate melted and cooled
– 2 tablespoons lemon juice 
– 320 grams butter soft
– confectioners sugar sifted 
– 450 grams cream cheese in room temperature

– mix everthing together and let it cool again for about ten minutes until you put it onto your COLD cake
– spread evenly

– 12 marzipan carotts

You could also decorate with colorful candy eggs but I choose these little marzipan carrots to top the cake with. 

Are you going to make something on your own for Easter ?

Thanks for stopping by. Take care. See you.

Holiday party for friends – table scape in red and gold // cranberry mimosa recipe….


table runner cream old similar here / table runner red similar here / red plates Nanu Nana / gold plates Nanu Nana / golden apple similar here / golden reindeer similar here / golden angel Leonardo / cutlery gold similar here / golden Christmas ornaments Nanu Nana / candle holder Nanu Nana / candles Nanu Nana / napkins Pink Dots / mason jars amazon / paper straws Pink Dots / plates / tray / glas old similar here / red bows on chairs amazon
My outfit: 
skirt H&M on sale under 30€!! / pullover bonprix / earrings available in ten colors H&M 


Hi guys,
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since I love the holidays and I love to cook it was the easiest conclusion to say I am hosting a holiday party before my usual Christmas party this year. 

I decided to invite some of our closest friends for a nice and relaxed but festive evening with good food, wine and a pretty tablescape. 

I opted for a red and gold table scape and it turned out great. Somehow I am always gravitating around red but it is just the prettiest and traditional Christmas color but there is a huge change in decor this year so stay tuned, post is going to be up next week.

The little favors on each plate include a few chocolate pralinés and I thought it would be a really nice idea to give something. Also they match with the decor so it was probably a win-win situation.

I like to serve an aperitif to give to the guests when they arrive. It is much nicer to stand or gather and chat a little at first waiting till everyone arrives than sitting there and waiting for the food.

I made cranberry mimosas as an aperitif which turned out really good. It is a pretty simple recipe. Just mix champagne and cranberry juice how you think it tastes best. This way you can decide on your own if you like it either light or strong. I mixed ones bottle of chamgagne with one bottle of cranberry juice. For decor and also for adding some flavor I added some mint leavs on stems and raspberries. 

I wanted to have a little more rustic charm that is why I put them into mason jars and not into champagne flutes. Another reason was cause I wanted to use this super cute straws with the bells in the middle. 

Do you have any holiday parties planed ? 

Thanks for stopping by. Take care. See you.

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