Mexican evening and tablescape on a warm summer night….

placemat Galeria Kaufhof similar here and here / plates mömax old similar here / glass mömax / cactus nanu nanan sold out similar here, here and here / vase yellow DM similar here / yellow mosquito candle home depot / bowl similar here / utensils from my aunt similar here / tablecloth IKEA similar here and here / confetti sombrero amazon / confetti cactus amazon / sombrero amazon / pinata amazon / napkins sold out similar here amazon / party pickers amazon / small bowls nanu nana / water dispenser similar here

Hi guys,

by following my blog you might know that I have a thing for themed dinner parties or
tablescapes. You can see my latest here, here, here, here and here.

And if you
are new to my blog you are going to know now.

I always
loved Mexican food so I thought why not invite our friends and neighbours over
to a Mexican evening. I was planning on a three course meal with an aperitif
and it turned out really well. 

As a
starter I served homemade guacamole and salsa for dipping with nachos and a

The main
course where baked burritos which where delicious. A really easy recipe with
great taste. 

For desert I made a fruit salad in a watermelon (looked so cool) and Churros (I tried to make them before cause I was
really scared that they wouldn´t work out, maybe you saw them in one of my casaul Satruday posts already) and they turned out really good. Easier than I thought.

But let´s
have a look at the table decoration. I went for the full Mexican theme with
little sombreros, matching confetti and a piñata. The napkins are from Butlers and they are the cutest I could have found. Most of the decoration is from amazon cause they just have everything.

If you want to know a recipe just email me.

As always thanks for stopping by.

Take care. See you.


How to redecorate your house for summer – tips and tricks….

^pillowcase and matching blanket bonprix^

^platter Ikea / Pineapple Nanu Nana / Yankee Candle Candle Dream / vase Nanu Nana^

^tabelecloth Nanu Nana sold out 🙁 similar on Etsy / cactus Nanu Nana^

^figure Nanu Nana sold out but we also got this solar one^

Hi guys, 
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there aren´t more colorful months than the ones during summer time. The colors are all bright and vibrant and the patterns are so playful and vacation like. I love to redecorate my living room for the different seasons and summer might be one of my favorite (and of course fall and Christmas time – oh boy). I went with a vacation theme this time and it couldn´t have turned out prettier.
I especially love the flamingo and pineapple prints. They are everywhere to find and they are just the cutest. This remids me so much of Florida that I almost get home sick. 

My dining room corner:
 I got this super cool table cloth from Nanu Nana with flamingos and palm leaeves. I paired it with a matching decoration in the middle of the table. The cactus figures are also too cute. 
My couch area:
To make the couch area a little brighter spot I went with 2 colorful pillows and a matching blanket. The print reminds me of the colorful scenes of a Bollywood movie. For the table I went with color matching vases and of course one of my beloved scented candles from Yankee Candle.
My entry:
The first time I saw this pink flamingo I was head over heels and I totally had to get it. 
It makes me smile everytime I enter the house. Such a fun addition to an outside space.

Also it is never to late to get some summer vibes for on the go. What do you think of these super cute covers for your mobile from amazon? Also love this one. Pineapples and flamingos !! Do I need to say anything else ??
What are decoration ideas for your home?   

Thanks for stopping by. 

Take care. See you.

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Get your bar cart ready for summer….

bar cart Ikea / book Megan Hess – New York amazon / book Megan Hess – The dress amazon / How to be parisienne wherever you are amazon / quote to download from Etsy / frame Ikea / champagne flutes Nanu Nana sold out but I love those / glas Nanu Nana sold out similar here / straws black DM / straws white gold pinkdotspartystore / ballons pinkdotspartystore / pompoms pinkdotspartystore / Village Candle – Frozen Margarita candledream / cocktailshaker amazon / bottle opener H&M / candle holder gold Douglas / candle holder pineapple H&M / bottle white lace Nanu Nana / napkins amazon / napkin holder H&M / cake doily pinkdotspartystore / coasters DM sold out similar and pretty cool ones here / bottle with plug Nanu Nana / bast basket Nanu Nana online not available similar here / candle holder for matches old similar here / bottle opener amazon
My outfit: Skirt orsay old similar here, here and here / top H&M old similar here, here and here / Earrings H&M last season similar here and here


Hi guys,

 (post contains affiliate links/Werbung/Markennennung/Beitrag enthält Affilate Links-not sponsored)
I have always admired people with a bar cart in their living room because this looks so fancy and cool. Earlier (where I lived) I did not have enough space where I could easily put a bar cart and where it would match perfectly but now that we are in the house there is plenty of space so everything I needed was a bar cart then.
Tricky – I had seen lots of really pretty ones but whether there wasn´t enough space to put on stuff (for me) or they were just so pricey and I don´t want to spend a few hundred Euros on that thing although I really want one. I found one I really liked (price point is great and the right amount of storage) but it is kind of a milky creamy white and I did not like it at all so I went to the home department store and got some spray color for metallic material (I remembered that one of the bloggers I constantly read their blogposts (Southern Curls and Pearls) also bought Ikea furniture where she did not like the color and then got some spray color to turn it into the color she wanted) in a matte golden tone and it turned out pretty great. You really can´t tell that it had another color before.
So now that we got this lets talk about what else you might need for your cart:
First of all – and maybe that is on what I start most of my home decor projects – is the decoration. I found this incredible cute flacon which looks like it is straight out of a victorian beauty room at Nanu Nana. They are super affordable (prices range from 2 – 6 Euros). I also got a bast basket for oranges and lemons. 
And also there have to be some coffee table books. I love them and I like to put them in every corner where I have some decoration. 
I got this, this and this.
I also got a print for the cart. I got it from Etsy as a printable download. It is a quote from the Great Gatsby movie so this is really matching the theme. Frame is from Ikea. I could go on like this but then it would be too long. All the items are linked below the picutres.

A wine or ice cooler would also be great but then you (or I) might need a bigger cart!

I just love how it turned out. I kept the color theme pretty simple with the gold, black and white. 

 I don´t have such a variety on liquors cause we usually drink wine or champagne with our food. In fact we don´t drink the hard things at all. Maybe a little shot for a summer bowl or a sangria but that´s it.

What are your bar cart necessities ? 

Thanks for stopping by. 

Take care. See you.
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Casual Saturday #2….

 Hi guys,

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week wasn´t so much to do like the weeks before (preparing for Easter
and getting the decoration up and the tablescpape set and the menu for
brunch) but we still did something – not only sat on the sofa.

Still watching “The good wife” and my favorite movie was on TV so I had to watch this one of course – “The devil wears Prada”. At the end I always wonder if that is how it works behind a fashion magazine. I ordered one of my favorite Disney movie on DVD. I was thinking of starting to collect all the Disney movies and give it to my future children when they would be able to watch and understand. I think that is a sweet idea.
Easter Monday we were invited at Florians´grandma´s house for lunch. I
must admit that I was really glad cause after two days of brunch I
needed a change. She had some kind of serbian sausage with garlic with a
sauce with white beans and a some sort of noodles. This sounded really
adventurous but it was delicious.

And of course I tried out 2 of my saved recipes. First of all the “Easy Garlic Italian Parmesan Rolls”. I love rolls and when they are still warm from the oven you got me. So I had to try these out. Found them on the Blog of Jennca Parcell – A Slice of Style. I really like reading her blog posts and the twins are just the cutest.

The second one is from an Instagram feed I love it is called foodguidevideos. They have short videos on how they make different meals. Once in a while I find one I am really curious about and this is one of them, the Orange Chicken with Rice.

On Thursday we went to my favorite restaurant – the Tiziano in Regensburg to celebrate Florians´ new job. I was eating the baby octopus with the stir fryed vegetables like usual. My favorite dish there.

Wow – this seems like lots of food this week !!  

I ordered two more rugs. One for the living room and the other one for our bedroom. I am into colors lately. I had that a few years ago and then I wanted everything in white and a light grey color cause this matches anything but these days I really like a splash of color.  

I wanted to set up the patio furniture we got but I got a little quenched by two snow days this week.
Didn´t do this much cause of the Easter holidays there was no training but I am at a Line Dance party tonight. So we´ll see how this is gonna be.
started on planing some one day road trips to places which are nearby
but first of all the weather has to be better. I am not going anywhere
as long as it is still snowing.

I placed a complete order on accessories at Zalando. I am really looking forward on how the pieces are. The main focus is on western buckle belts and waist belts in metallic or rose colors. Since the demand is so huge on belts this Spring and Summer.

And I got those two pretty blouses from the bonprix online shop.

The white one has red stripes and these beautiful ruffled sleeves. This also could be a spanish flamenco blouse. So dreamy.

 The black top is more like a tunic. It is longer and is has the beautiful crochet detailing on the sleeves (also wider) and on the hem. 

They are just to pretty but it is still so cold that I am wearing a blouse – cardigan/blazer combination almost every day.

I am wishing you all a nice weekend and as always thanks for stopping by. 

Take care. See you.