Casual Saturday #2….

 Hi guys,

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week wasn´t so much to do like the weeks before (preparing for Easter
and getting the decoration up and the tablescpape set and the menu for
brunch) but we still did something – not only sat on the sofa.

Still watching “The good wife” and my favorite movie was on TV so I had to watch this one of course – “The devil wears Prada”. At the end I always wonder if that is how it works behind a fashion magazine. I ordered one of my favorite Disney movie on DVD. I was thinking of starting to collect all the Disney movies and give it to my future children when they would be able to watch and understand. I think that is a sweet idea.
Easter Monday we were invited at Florians´grandma´s house for lunch. I
must admit that I was really glad cause after two days of brunch I
needed a change. She had some kind of serbian sausage with garlic with a
sauce with white beans and a some sort of noodles. This sounded really
adventurous but it was delicious.

And of course I tried out 2 of my saved recipes. First of all the “Easy Garlic Italian Parmesan Rolls”. I love rolls and when they are still warm from the oven you got me. So I had to try these out. Found them on the Blog of Jennca Parcell – A Slice of Style. I really like reading her blog posts and the twins are just the cutest.

The second one is from an Instagram feed I love it is called foodguidevideos. They have short videos on how they make different meals. Once in a while I find one I am really curious about and this is one of them, the Orange Chicken with Rice.

On Thursday we went to my favorite restaurant – the Tiziano in Regensburg to celebrate Florians´ new job. I was eating the baby octopus with the stir fryed vegetables like usual. My favorite dish there.

Wow – this seems like lots of food this week !!  

I ordered two more rugs. One for the living room and the other one for our bedroom. I am into colors lately. I had that a few years ago and then I wanted everything in white and a light grey color cause this matches anything but these days I really like a splash of color.  

I wanted to set up the patio furniture we got but I got a little quenched by two snow days this week.
Didn´t do this much cause of the Easter holidays there was no training but I am at a Line Dance party tonight. So we´ll see how this is gonna be.
started on planing some one day road trips to places which are nearby
but first of all the weather has to be better. I am not going anywhere
as long as it is still snowing.

I placed a complete order on accessories at Zalando. I am really looking forward on how the pieces are. The main focus is on western buckle belts and waist belts in metallic or rose colors. Since the demand is so huge on belts this Spring and Summer.

And I got those two pretty blouses from the bonprix online shop.

The white one has red stripes and these beautiful ruffled sleeves. This also could be a spanish flamenco blouse. So dreamy.

 The black top is more like a tunic. It is longer and is has the beautiful crochet detailing on the sleeves (also wider) and on the hem. 

They are just to pretty but it is still so cold that I am wearing a blouse – cardigan/blazer combination almost every day.

I am wishing you all a nice weekend and as always thanks for stopping by. 

Take care. See you. 

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