My Second Trimester with Baby #2…


Happy Monday ladies,

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I have been so sick last week and the weekend before I just don´t know what hit us there. Maybe after two years of wearing masks and socially distancing there is no immune system left to fight of the germs that are around.

Also Emilia´s second birthday was yesterday and I super emotional all day plus I had to power through cause yes I am still sick. Being pregnant and having a cold really sucks cause there is almost nothing you can take that actually works.

But let´s have a look at my second trimester. I haven´t done a bump date for my first trimester cause first of all I didn´t take any bump shots plus my first trimester was exactly the same like I was pregnant with Emilia.

Did I have morning sickness?

No , not particularly. I definitely was sick once a day from week 6 to about 16. My sjckness started everyday around 11 am, like clockwork. I got super sick and also super hungry and tired. It was pretty hard and lasted about two hours each day. So I went and made us something for lunch that was possible for me to eat a few bites of and then I would go to bed with Emilia and sleep for about two hours. To be honest this has been very tough to handle with a toddler.

Did I have any cravings?

Yes. Mixed cravings. Apples for example, I never eat apples. And ham. Ham has been a big craving as well as hash browns. Everything of that has faded now and I just eat what we have planned for our daily or weekly meal.

Did my bump grow quicker?

A lot. I still can not believe how fast I showed this time around. The most people have guessed it first. I could have never waited until week 20 like I did with Emilia the first time around. Unbelievable how the body is capable of changing so quick.

Was I as excited as the first time around?

I definitely was. After all this is a wonder every time and the first ultrasound is super special to me. But it might have gotten a little lost in my days at home with a busy toddler. I can not focus and concentrate as much on my pregnancy as the first time cause I am not alone at home anymore.

How did we find out the gender?

We found out about the gender around week 14. We did genetic testing this time and the blood tests show the gender so our doctor told us after week 14. And I was super surprised that it is another girl but to be honest my symptoms have been absolutely equal to my first pregnancy.

Do we plan on having a second nursery?

The plan always was to give the bigger room (where Emilia currently sleeps in) to the two same gendered kids (we want three) and the small room to the single one. Now that we have two girls close in age we are going with a shared nursery and I am so happy about how everything is coming together. Hopefully it will be ready before the second baby is here. Furniture delivery hasn´t been as easy and quick as it used to be.

How far will the kids be apart?

A little over two years.

Is is harder being pregnant with a toddler at home?

At times it definitely is. I am getting tired a lot more often and quicker plus my back hurts from carrying Emilia to much but other than that it is still okay. Might change until the end of my third trimester but so far so good.

Is there something we are planning on doing different with the second baby?

There are some small things I want to try to incorporate as early as possible. With Emilia for example I let her fall asleep on the sofa an let her sleep there so she never learned to fall asleep in her crib for naps so I definitely want to change this. Also I want to be more consistent when it comes to feeding. Emilia didn´t like being fed anything other than milk so we weren´t to follow through when it came to mash and purees but I definitely want to give this another try. One thing I wanted for me is to make it longer in terms of breastfeeding. I got to about months and then my milk supply dropped so I really want to work on that, maybe get to the full 12 months. Also I have a feeling there won´t be much pumping involved this time around cause there just won´t be the time with a newborn and a toddler so exclusively breastfeeding it will be.

Is the time going by faster ?

Time is definitely flying by this time. Yesterday I somehow realized that there are only 10 weeks left and I am not done with a single planned project (like the shared nursery, the nurses baskest or packing my hospital bag). These are all things I wanted to accomplish before baby gets here so I have a calm state of mind. 


The dress I am wearing in all the pictures above is from amazon and I probably own it in six different colors.