9 Reality TV-Shows to watch on Netflix…


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to the shameless guide of Reality TV. I love me some great Reality TV where I can watch how other people life or what they they do plus there is always drama and that is what I am really addicted to. Since the lockdown started I added a bunch to my list and I did get around to watch them all and that might be very worse if there were other things to do but hey I am grown-up and can do what I want.

So let´s round up the best (in my opinion) 

9 Netflix Reality TV Shows to watch now

Bling Empire // This has been one of the best over the top reality tv shows I have seen in a long time. It is about all the super wealthy Asians living in Los Angeles. Life is full of parties, celebrations, shopping, fine dining and of course all the drama and problems that come with it. Like Asian childs arguing with their parents or wives can´t please their very traditional parents-in-law. 

Selling Sunset // Another one of my favorites. It includes beautiful real estate agents and properties you can only dream of but it is full of drama. Chick fights around every corner. Love it!!!! Waiting for season 4. 

Keeping up with the Kardashians // The classic and probably the mother of Reality TV. Are you even worthy of celebraty gossip if you haven´t watched KUWTK??!!

Yummy Mummies // Probably not as popular but definitely so amusing. It takes place in Melbourne and shares the journey of three girlfriends who are all pregnant at the same time. One of them is Jane Scandizzo, the wife of the famous hairdress Joey. It is about a fourth girl wanting to get in on the Yummy Mummies Club. 

Indian Matchmaking // This is actually a very interesting show about the Indian culture and all of the differences to Europe or anywhere else in the world. I learned a ton I didn´t know was even possible with a show like this. Plus the matchmaking part is very funny cause some people have such a distorted perception when it comes to dating. 

Bollywood Wives // Personally started this show because I love the Indian accent and also I thought it might be very funny. It is about the four wives of Bollywood actors (or the wives are also actresses) trying to manage everyday life with work and kids but staying glamorous.

Styling Hollywood // It has been about two years since I watched this show and I almost forgot about it but it actually has been very good. It is about a gay couple styling Hollywood actresses during award season. It is a close up of what is actually happening behind the scenes and how much work it is to get clients, dress showings and finish everything in time. Plus there are always personal problems which means drama and I life for that.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills // I was the happiest girl after I saw that Netflix finally streams RHoBH (also New York, Atlanta, etc.). I haven´t watched an episode for the last ten years. I think MTV or VIVA had these shows in their program. I do love everything about it. The houses, the frivolous parties and spending, the vacations or trips and of course the often hillarious comments of the “actresses”. 

Dream Home Makeover // I love love love home makeover shows. They give me so many ideas and things I could add or change in our home (don´t tell my husband) plus I love to see how other people live. The hosts who are also the owner of MC Gee Studios are so kind and funny. You totally feel with them.

I liked every show. Some episodes more, others less but all together it is great entertainment. I know that reality TV isn´t everybody´s cup of tea but I enjoy watching it and mostly my husband watches with me (I always start watching off by myself and at the end knows about everybody and I can not finish alone, men hah!).

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9 Netflix shows to watch during quarantine and after….


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I am checking back for another Netflix show review. You can read part I here and part II here. In summary it is a huge amount of shows I have already watched or still watching. I don´t know if I have watched this many shows when I was younger or when Netflix hadn´t been available. But let´s be honst having a baby and having to stay quarantined before has triggered the show addict in me. To be honest I find it a little hard to choose what to watch because there are so many different shows available. 

Netflix Shows Part III

The House of Flowers // I recently have started to watch season 2 (there are 3 seasons available to date) and learned to like it again. The end of season 1 was super strange and I honestly wasn´t sure if 

The Ranch // A funny show with lots of jokes and country charm. I totally liked it but it gets crude at times and that´s not everybody´s cup of tea.

The Tiger King // Super bizarr but you can´t look away once you started. Real life murder mystery with a hint of madness and a lot of wild animals.

The Bonfire of Destiny // If you like Titanic or Pride and Prejustce this show might be for you. Beautiful gowns amongst the backdrop of Paris. In the focus three different woman facing the difficulties of their lives after a huge fire that changed how things were forever.

Vampire Diaries // A bunch of teenagers, wolves and witches trying to protect their town and people against supernatural forces plus a lovestory in the middle of all.

Outer Banks // Just finished this one yesterday and I have to say it was a good story but again a bunch of teenager trying to find a sunken ship plus its gold. Followed by evil comrades-in-arms who are also interested in the gold worth millions.

Narcos // The story of Mexico´s most famous drug lord of all times. A total must see. 

Bad Blood // You are into cartel stuff then you will probably like this show a lot. Two seasons long and full of really cool surprises about all things mafia on Canadian soil.

Jessica Jones // Marvel superhero Jessica Jones is trying to find out how she has survived a car accident and why she had super powers right after her stay at the hospital all while fighting crime and running a detective agency.

All in all we have alreasy watched a ton of shows on Netflix during the pandemic outbreak and there are so many more interesting ones like the story of Jeffrey Epstein and The Americans plus I love that the Housewives of Beverly Hills, New York and Atlanta are now available.

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