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I am checking back for another Netflix show review. You can read part I here and part II here. In summary it is a huge amount of shows I have already watched or still watching. I don´t know if I have watched this many shows when I was younger or when Netflix hadn´t been available. But let´s be honst having a baby and having to stay quarantined before has triggered the show addict in me. To be honest I find it a little hard to choose what to watch because there are so many different shows available. 

Netflix Shows Part III

The House of Flowers // I recently have started to watch season 2 (there are 3 seasons available to date) and learned to like it again. The end of season 1 was super strange and I honestly wasn´t sure if 

The Ranch // A funny show with lots of jokes and country charm. I totally liked it but it gets crude at times and that´s not everybody´s cup of tea.

The Tiger King // Super bizarr but you can´t look away once you started. Real life murder mystery with a hint of madness and a lot of wild animals.

The Bonfire of Destiny // If you like Titanic or Pride and Prejustce this show might be for you. Beautiful gowns amongst the backdrop of Paris. In the focus three different woman facing the difficulties of their lives after a huge fire that changed how things were forever.

Vampire Diaries // A bunch of teenagers, wolves and witches trying to protect their town and people against supernatural forces plus a lovestory in the middle of all.

Outer Banks // Just finished this one yesterday and I have to say it was a good story but again a bunch of teenager trying to find a sunken ship plus its gold. Followed by evil comrades-in-arms who are also interested in the gold worth millions.

Narcos // The story of Mexico´s most famous drug lord of all times. A total must see. 

Bad Blood // You are into cartel stuff then you will probably like this show a lot. Two seasons long and full of really cool surprises about all things mafia on Canadian soil.

Jessica Jones // Marvel superhero Jessica Jones is trying to find out how she has survived a car accident and why she had super powers right after her stay at the hospital all while fighting crime and running a detective agency.

All in all we have alreasy watched a ton of shows on Netflix during the pandemic outbreak and there are so many more interesting ones like the story of Jeffrey Epstein and The Americans plus I love that the Housewives of Beverly Hills, New York and Atlanta are now available.

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