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today we are talking a little skin care over here. You might know I have started to go to the beautician a few months before my wedding because I wanted my skin to look the best possible.

I have been going there ever since every month and my skin improved a lot. I really have to admit it . It does help a lot when your skin gets “cleaned out” of all the blackheads and pimples on a monthly base. I also enjoy my hour there a lot. It is my personal wellness for the day and so relaxing.

Talking to her about what I can do at home to make my skin look better and more flawless has also helped so I am sharing her top tips here today:

# 1 // Don´t drink unfiltered water from the pipes cause it is to dirty and it will reflect on your skin (better get yourself a water filter like from Brita – saves plastic bottles too).

# 2 // Don´t drink to much sparkling water – it overacidifies your body which is also bad for your skin.

# 3 // Help your skin to improve itself by taking zinc as a dietary supplement.

# 4 // Peel your face 2 x a week to make sure your skin doesn´t harden. It helps a lot for the skin cells to breathe and also takes away the old ones to help your skin renew itself.

# 5 // The two best ingredients in a lotion for acne prone skin are biotin and zinc (for example zinc is included in baby´s rash lotions).

#6 // Drink – if possible – 3 l of water/unsweetened tea/black coffee a day.

# 7 // Make sure to regularly get your skin cleaned out to maintain it and keep it at the same level.

# 8 // Try to eat not to much sugar, this is the same for fruit as they contain a lot of fructose and that isn´t the best for your skin either

# 9 // I also try to skip as much dairy as possible cause it is also supposed to be bad for your skin and to cause major breakouts and I overall feel better without it. My only weakness is queso!!

Also I have rounded-up all the products I am using currently in the widget below to fight my bad skin.

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Testing out Dr. Hauschka skincare products to avoid big pores, oily skin and breakouts….


I have been struggling with my skin since I was a teenager. It really got better by following certain things like drinking lemon juice with vitamin c, taking biotin and dietary supplement for my skin, applying skin masks to my skin, cutting out dairy products and changing the pillow case from cotton to silk. And I also think taking birth control pills made a huge difference so since I stopped taking them for a good reason my skin got worse. Almost the same day.

So after my normal routine didn´t work out anymore I started researching on the internet on a skin care line which had exact the products I wanted and which was payable. So I have found the Dr. Hauschka skin care line for oily skin. This post is not sponsored at all. It is just written by a desperate women who wanted the skin back she had before so badly. I ordered the “Clariying Face Care Kit” with all the items of this particular line in a sample size. The kit cost about 15 € and contains seven of the products out of this line and is, in my opinion, worth every penny cause the products are expensive in their regular sizing and this way you can see what you like and what works for you.

So let´s review the single products:

balances combination skin – use in the morning
The first product I used. I like the smell (fresh with a hint of citrus) and the consistency of the cream. My skin stayed hydrated throughout the day and you only need a little drop of the product for your face. Also does it have a mattyfiying effect which is pretty welcome here.

balances oily,blemished skin – use in the mornings
I always wanted to have a face oil but I was afraid it would make my skin look more oily at my t-zone than it is now and I wasn´t quite sure if I liked the feeling of the product on my skin. As it turnded out I worried way too much. I have never had smoother skin after applying a face cream to my skin than after using this oil. I love it and already ordered the big bottle. Also the sample size was 5 ml and after 4 weeks of using it there is still something in the bottle.
refines, revitalises and deeply cleanses – use in the mornings and evenings
This product absolutely failed for me. The smell is not very nice and the consistncy is like peanut butter. And it didn´t do anything for me. Also the feeling on my skin was greasy somehow after washing the product down. Maybe it is supposed to leave a some kind of film on your skin to prep or protect. I have never had so much make-up left in my face after washing it, than with this product. 
deeply cleanses all skin conditions
This was a small package containing powder so you can mix a mask by yourself. You have to be careful to not put to much water into it otherwise you can´t use it as a mask cause it won´t stay on your face. The smell is really not good. I can´t even describe it and it also hasn´t got the nicest color – some shade of brown. BUT the mask made super soft and rosy skin so it was worth having it 15 minutes on my face and not breathing so deep.

Revitalising mask
rejuvenates, soothes and refines all skin conditions
This might be one of my favorite masks ever. The smell is so refreshing and sweet, like a piece of key lime pie. The mask is like a thick cream and it is very easy to apply to the skin and I think it has some kind of cooling effect. If your skin would be really worse you could also use it as a primer under you usual day cream or the clarifying day oil.
Just remove it after twenty minutes with a wet towel so your skin can stay hydrated.

 Clarifying toner
tones, balances and calms
That was the second product I ordered in the normal size right away cause I thinkit does so much for my skin. I am only using it in the evening. It was enough for the warmer month but I think I have to get another product to keep my skin hydrated in th cold winter months. It is a liquid to spray on your face and gently press into your skin. It is supposed to reduce blackheads and to calm down your skin after a long day. I love it and I also use it for my neck.

Clariying steam bath
prepares skin for deep cleansing
To be honest I haven´t had time to use it and I also have never seen a prodcut for home use like this but I get the idea of it. The hot water steam opens up your pores so you can put on products more effective as they can suck in deep into your skin. Also it would be easier if you are getting rid of your blackheads and pimples at home.
Definitely gonna try this next week on my free days. The smell is pretty herbal but that doesn´t bother me at all.

Hope this post wasn´t too long but I jsut wanted to despribe the products the best I could.

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