9 Shows to watch in the Summer….



We are heading straight into Summer and with all the great activites to do then we probably stay busy but that doesn´t mean people aren´t watching TV in the Summer months. 

I wanted to share nine shows with you guys that would be perfect to watch in the Summer months (in terms of fashion and locations and weather). 

9 shows to watch this Summer

Country Comfort

Haven´t watched this one yet but I really loved the trailer and I think it is a very fun and light summer show to watch. A country bar singer turns into a nanny of five. Who wouldn´t love a country show.

Surviving Summer

Not my favorite at all cause those snotty teenagers are a real handful but I loved the ocean views and all the surf scenes.

Lincoln Lawyer

The best lawyer show in my opinion. Just the right amount of excitement, mystery and drama plus the sleek outfits don´t hurt at all. 

One Piece

One of my favorite childhood shows. Of course it was still only animated back then but I was so excited when I heard that there will be a new show starring real people. Season one is all about getting the crew together and I just can not wait for season two and all of the ocean adventures.

Sweet Magnolias

I have always loved everything southern and this really is a gem of a show. The houses, the outfits, the hair and of course the southern mentality and hospitality. Can´t wait for the next season.


Still not sure how I like it but it was not a very long show to watch. Only had a few episodes. I thought it was great how she built her empire until she got mad and turned herself in at the end. Very violent watch with lots of dead people and drugs but the true story of Griselda Blanco.

Selling the OC

I have started this a long time ago and was so over the drama at the end of season one but somehow gave it another chance and I am a few episodes into season two and like it a lot (at the moment, this can change very fast). The outfits are great and the houses with the ocean front views are just too die for. 

Selling Sunset

This has been my favorite show for a long time and I would have never thought that I will hate it this much at the end. It was great until season three but then everything took a turn for the worst. They all turned on each other. I am not even sure if there where house showings in season three cause things went down the drain so fast. The outfits got super slutty (I would never buy a house of a realtor looking like that – there is a very fine line between super stylish and sexy and what some of the girls are wearing).

The Summer I turned pretty

I loved the first season but wasn´t a fan of the second one. Too much anger and confusion. I loved the backdrops, the starring people, the awsome Summer moments and the dreamy houses. Hopefully season three picks up again and it will be better. 


Everything I have worn to Lake Garda…


(post contains affiiate links/Werbung/Markennennung/Beitrag enthält Affiliate Links-not sponsored)

Oh Lake Garda you have my heart. Always will. The lush greenery, the olive trees everywhere, the smell of the lake and the glittery surface of the water. The soft waves and smooth winds. I could fgo on like this for hours but at some point it gets really boring I know, I know. We just had lots of our best vacations there and our children just love it as much as we do.

But let´s talk about the topic here – everything I have worn to Lake Garda this time around. I was definitely in my 3 outfits a day era for this vacation and I loved it every bit. 

A cute look in the mornings to explore and stroll around the small cities. A beach look to hang around the pool and swim with the kids and of course a little more elevated outfit to go out for dinner.










#closetchallenge August 23 – Day 82 – 92…

dress esmara / earrings H&M / sandals bonprix


(post contains affiliate links/Werbung/Markennennung/Beitrag enthält Affiliate LInks-not sponsored)

We have made it. 3 months of only wearing Summer clothes I have already got are over but this year has been a hard one for me. We have planned another vacation and I wanted to get a few things for it and I also wanted to get a few things to wear for SUP. So this year around I actually did not make it through one whole month without getting anything. So while I am a little dissapointed in myself I have definitely gotten less things, not only for me but also for the girls. 

Probably going to do another one in January or February. We´ll see. So since we are in September already we are in full blown fall mode which means daily Fall stlye inspo for you guys on my Instgaram stories. The weather is still warm so I am wearing skirts and t-shirts mostly but the materials and the colors are all for Fall already.

espadrilles Asos Design / skirt manguun collection / shirt SheIn /earrings H&M

earrings H&M / shirt Asos / skirt Asos / sandals bonprix

earrings SheIn / dress I honestly have no clue

dress tchibo / sandals SheIn 

dress SheIn / platform wedges Asos / blazer jacket Only / earrings SheIn

denim jacket H&M / dress aldi / espadrilles Asos

sneakers Puma / denim H&M / blazer jacket maguun collection / striped shirt H&M

sneakers even & odd / skirt H&M / blouse H&M / cap H&M 

sneakers even & odd / dress Zara / denim jacket Only

flats Nine West / skirt maguun collection / denim shirt esmara

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