Best of Summer Activities and all we did this year…


Happy Friday you guys,

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I know it is September already but in many places it is still sunny and warm and it´s also pretty nice around here too. So if you aren´t in total Fall mood already, maybe you can find one or two of our Summer activities you’ll want to try. 

Summer Activities to try

Visit the swimming pool // We went there countless times and Emilia always had so much fun. She loves the water and being outside plus we always have fries for lunch when we are swimming.


Go out for drinks // Take on those warm Summer nights and go out to town and treat yourself for a cool delicious drink. It will be cold and dark soon enough.



Visit a theme parc // We went to Pullman City – a western themed little city where you can do as much as possible Wild West things. Literally everything fits seamlessly together. We went panning for “gold”, watching a horse show and had a cowboy lunch in a real saloon. Emilia enjoyed it very much cause there was so much to see for her. 



Visit a corn maze // I have had this on my bucket list for years and we finally made it. It was a hot day and I would not recommend going without a hat or sunscreen but other than that is was perfectly fine. The corn is really thick and high and we literally had no idea where we were most of the time.



Visit a farm // We actually went there on Wednesday with all of the moms from our playgroup. It was so much fun for the children to run around and see actual cows and the coolest thing about it has been the café right above the stables.



Try water sports // I wanted to go stand-up paddling for about 6 years now and somehow never thought about in the Summer months but this year my husband and I just went and we had a blast. It was so much fun. We did very well and paddled pretty good at the end. Also I only fell in once. 


Take a day trip to another city // Choose a city nearby and just go there for the day exploring. We went to the Tegernsee and it looked so much libe the ocean there we instantly felt like on vacation. 


Spend a weekend away // We went away for a weekend of family fun to the Bavarian Forest and it was great. A nice change cause we haven´t been away for quite some time and Emilia saw and experienced new things. 


Spruce up your garden and stay home // If you are planning on going nowhere how about adding some great stuff for your kids to your garden like a sand box, a kids pool or a splash pad and a swing. You can spend weeks there entertaining them cause they won´t get tired or at least Emilia doesn´t. She loves her sand box and can spend hours in there.


Go to the zoo // Emilia loves all kinds of animals and this was the perfect way to show her all the animals from her books in real life. She was most interested in the meerkats.


Do cultural things // Only about 40 minutes away there is a temple complex inspired by all of the temples in Nepal. Beautiful gardens and new cultural facts to learn about the country and the monks are behind every corner. 


Some other things we didn´t do but would be fun I guess:

Climbing forest, go on vacation, parasailing, camping,