Christmas Tree Decor 21 – Color Theme Red and Green…


Happy Friday you guys,

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I finally came around to shot a close up of my tree. To be honest I have done many trees the last few years but this years tree might be my absolute favorite – or am I saying this every year!!!

The color concept for our Christmas tree is as simple and classic but as chic and beautiful as possible. It is Red and Green – THE  original Christmas colors in my opinion. 

I always start by adding the plain ornaments to the tree and go from there. For this year´s concoction I went with all red and green ornaments. After that I added tartan print bows and glittery poinsettias in green and red. The poinsettias might be my favorite feature of the tree. 

Afterwards I go and get our special ornaments like the pickle or the Mickey bubble and place them all over tree. The last thing I add are the lights. They are just clip on and super easy to put on. 

I also got some fun things like the candy canes and candies so Emilia can also grab some things from the tree. We also started a new tradition this year. I am letting her pick one new ornament every year (going to write the year onto it) and then place it somewhere on the tree. This will be so much fun and when she is old enough and moving out she can start decorating her Christmas tree with all the cute ornaments she collected over the years.

She was very interested the first two or three days and always wanted to grab some ornaments but now she only wants to turn on the lights of the tree and look at it.