Wedding Wednesday – our wedding rings….

 Rings custom made at Christ

Good morning friends,
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I always had a picture of my perfect engagement ring in the back of my mind (and also on my secret wedding Pinterest board) and I really got a super close version. A classic cut, white diamond and white gold. So dreamy. Still love to stare at it as it sparkles in the sun.

So choosing our wedding rings have been a whole other task. I wanted a two-tone ring but I wasn´t quite sure what Florian was thinking about that and also what he liked. As it turned out he had no clue what he liked. So we made an appointment at our local jewelry store (my engagement ring came from there and also my wedding jewelry and several other pieces we own). 

We thought that at Christ, our jeweler we would find a pair we liked both and are going to enjoy wearing for the rest of our lives. That they had to had a big variety was obvious but we didn´t expect it to be this huge. There are differences in everything. Color, weight, width and also round isn´t round. You can have a small overview of their wedding ring section online but it really is a small offer. 

So we went with white gold first but decided to with platinum cause the material is way stronger and the price was less since the gold prices are so high at the moment.  This definitely was a win-win for us.

The second color we choose to the platinum was rose gold. I wanted a second color and although first I wanted normal gold we opted for the rose since it is much more flattering tone to your skin and the real gold was super yellow and I didn´t like that at all. And I also wanted some diamonds on my wedding ring. Apparently three had to be enough. 

We engraved them with each others names and our wedding date on the inside. This is like our secret little code 🙂

I really love our wedding rings and I can´t wait to wear mine in two weeks. So exciting.
Thanks for stopping by. It means a lot to me.
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