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I love my lipsticks and I definitely love to wear a bold lip. It is a statement and oh so beautiful. Period. There is nothing more to add but the bolder and darker the lipstick, the trickier it is to apply it perfectly and make it stay all day.

For today´s post I am sharing how I wear this very berry color and what are the steps to get to this edgy look. 

Milani Brandy Berry / MAC Rebel / Sephora #lipstories Golden Gate / bare minerals bare pro Blackberry

Scrub, scrub, scrub…

First of all these are the perfect months to wear darker lipstick but these are also the month my lips couldn´t be drier. I have to things I love to do in the evening and mornings. First of all there is no way to hold on to your smooth lips without a scrub. Wearing lipstick everyday and removing your make-up in the evening is taking a huge tool on the hydration of your lips so a lip scrub it is. 

Hydration is key…

After a good srcub hydration is key to keep your lips smooth and free from chopping. This Rituals Rescue Lip Balm is my favorite and I always have a back-up in my drawer. It is this good and the quickest remedie for extremly chapped lips.



Like with all the dark colors you will need a liner to keep the color inside of your lips and stop it from smudging. Also lining your lips first and fill in the color after will make less of a mess I promise. Looks strange but is very effective and there is nothing to correct after.

The colors I have shared above are my four favorite berry colored lipsticks I have owned and loved for a long time. 

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