The Spring Shoe Edit…

Try-on session:

(side note – I always size up at least a half size when I am buying a pair of mules)


Good morning to all my shoe adoring friends,

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I do have some great news today. The weather is finally getting better so I can start wearing my Spring shoes – again!! I really don´t know why temps had to drop below zero in May. I even don´t remember it being so cold, ever. But let´s focus on the importance here, we finally made it to the other side. It is still cold in the morning but sometimes you have to be hard to get what you want and even if its only freezing between being in buildings.

I am sharing my Spring shoe edit (it is never to late or early for shoes) over on Madame Schischi today and I couldn´t be happier. Also I finally set up my selfie mirror. Yay to accomplishments.

Open toe mules – I have been owning these shoes for a few years now and I love them more and more each year. I have to admit I first thought the style was a little rural but after trying on my first pair I was sold and know I don´t care how they look I just love them.

Woven mules – One of the trendiest pair of Spring shoes you can get this season. First of all it is a mule and they are everywhere to find, second of all it has a pointed toe which is so in style and third of all the woven material is perfect for summer and also printed in every well known fashion magazine. So be sure to secure yourself a similar pair.

Studded pumps – In my opinion these are a basic piece in the fashion world as black goes with everything (almost) and the patent material has been on the market for a long time now. They are pretty familiar with a pair of studded heels of a high fashion designer but for much less money.

Leather sandals – This kind of leather sandals have been in high demand for a few years now and between the original designer version and all the dupes out there I finally found a pair I like a lot (sandals sometimes look strange on my feet when I am looking down – probably just a problem of my own cause I think feet overall look hiddeous) and kept them straight away. I have a white pair from H&M I got last year and I have worn a ton and still plan on but it is nice to have another color too especially a cognac brown shade which matches with so many different colors.

Platform sneakers – In fact the only sneakers I am wearing – if I have to – cause in my opinion they are much more flattering than just flats. Anyways I think this is different from person to person but a leopard print is always a great and fashionable choice not matter the shoe.

Espadrilles – In my eyes the ultimate spring/summer shoes. The raffia on the wedge heel in combination with the linen on the shoe creates the most airy summer feel.

I have been wearing them a ton already (everyone except the leather sandals – hasn´t been that warm but believe me the material is super smooth) and couldn´t be happier. And I recognized that they are all somehow nude. Usually I am all for color and bold prints but when it comes to shoes lately I am more on the nude side so I can wear them constantly and with everything. Must be a thing as I get older. Who knows?!

Do you have any favorites you´ve also worn again and again the last few weeks ?

As always thanks for stopping by. Take care. See you.


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