Travel Diary Lago Di Garda – Part 2 – Day 3 and 4….

^Parco Sigurta^

^Café Americano^

^Spritz Bianco^ and dinner at Café Roma – Garda
^tuna salad^
^pizza capriciosa^

^the view from our dinner table^

^Bardolino waterfront^

^the perfect Italian ride^
^the marina in Bardolino^
^Caesar´s Salad^
^crema catalana^

^Bellavista restaurant^

^marina in Peschiera^

^Peschiera by night^

^the canals^


Hi guys 

and happy Thursday. I am checking back with my 2nd travel guide about our stay at Lake Garda today. I am sharing what we did on day 3 and day 4.

Day 3
On our 3rd day at Lake Gardo we went to Parco Sigurta which is a huge parc. Since the Sigurta family owned the area in 1941 in has been a parc. The first use has been a farm which got destroyed and after that the parc was unclaimed. 

There are also several buildings at the park which have been used as secret meeting places but are closed today. 

From our hotel in Castelnuovo it was about 15 minutes to drive and we arrived there. We got our tickets (12,50 Euro each) really quickly since there wasn´t a line at all and decided to get onto the little train and ride around the parc first before running around wihtout a destination. It cost 3 Euro extra per person but was great. The park is huge and you really can ´t see how huge from the map. The ride took about 20 minutes and we came back to where started. From there we took a map and decided where we specifically wanted to go.

We went to see the turtles, the water lilies and the koi carps. They also had maze to wander around but there where about a hundred school kids inside so we skipped this one. After walking around another hour we decided to go back to the car and get some coffee at our hotel since the coffee bar at the parc was very crowded.
Overall I liked the parc very much but I was a little disappointed that they didn´t have anymore flowers. They had some roses and some hydreangeas but I expected fields of flowers and that just wasn´t the case.

In the afternoon we went to the pool to relax and read a little and of course for swimming. 
For dinner we decided to drive to Garda which is also a really pretty city but we almost always forget about it. We had trouble finding a parking spot cause I couldn´t remember where to park at first and Garda is not that big so we passed through pretty quick. But we found a nice spot not far away and after walking a little we got a front row dining spot which could not have been more picturesque. The restaurant is called Café Roma and you can have dinner there as well as just sit with a drink and stare at the lake. Everything we ate was delicious (view pictures above).
I totally love all of these little cities cause after having dinner you can stroll around, look into all the little shops and maybe sit down at another place to have a drink or two.

Day 4
On our fourth day we finally got to go to the market. I really love the Italian markets since they sell really pretty things from clothing to leather goods and shoes to ceramics (which are the prettiest) and high quality table cloths. I waited on purpose to go to the market on Thursday. On Thursday´s the market takes place in Bardolino and I think this is by far the best location for it. You are walking along with the lake view on your left and the market stalls on your right.

We planed on getting up early but this failed terrible. We where so tired we didn´t hear our alarm but overall we where just about 30 minutes late which was totally fine cause obviously we picked a great week with less crowds than usual. 

After buying a bunch of stuff at the market we decided to get into Bardolino itself to get a drink and something to eat but this was by far more exhausting than I thought since it was a hot day and everyone wanted to have a refreshing drink. 

It was also our first time to get some ice-cream. I got a scoop of pistacchio but it wasn´t as good as I thought.

The rest of the day was spent by the pool and trying on all of my fashion finds.

In the evening we drove over to Peschiera del Garda which was only about three minutes away. We walked a little along the boardwalk until we got hungry and searched for a restaurant. We ate at the Bellavista restaurant a little outside of the city and the food was delicious. 

I had a Cesar´s Salad and Florian ate a pizza. The Aperol Spritz we ordered where huge. I would always go for wine and aperitifs restaurants offer on their menu since they are the affordable drinks. Beer is really pricey in Italy but also who wouldn´t enjoy a glass of red to his pasta or pizza or a glass of white with the fish over a beer.

After our dinner we headed into the city. It is a really nice city with little bridges and lots of flowers. The main restaurants and the main life takes place around the canals inside of the city wall.

I have also found a cute shop where I got an awesome Valentino handbag dupe for a really good price and also such a beautiful black jumpsuit which makes me want to ditch all my LBD´s.

It really doesn´t matter which city you are visiting they are all unique and pretty in their own way. 

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Thanks for stopping by. Take care. See you.

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