Travel Gadgets…….

Hi guys
as you all might know – and maybe you are allready tired of hearing it, I am very sorry – our summer vacation is very close now and of course I got some cute and practical stuff for packing without getting stressed and a lot of style.
Jewelry Travel Case from Lakeland 
This is so practical to me. You can store the earrings and rings you want to take with you while travelling and as it is super soft inside you don´t have to be worried something could get lost or even break.



Customized luggage tags from Zazzle
I ordered these a few weeks ago at their website. You can take a pattern they already have and choose the color and the font you like to have or you can upload your very own. 
They start making your order after you set it and I gotta say it came here pretty fast. It only took about 10 days. First I wanted black and white ones which go with all of my luggage pieces but as a girl you can never go wrong with pink – am I right ?


Clear toilety bags (similar here) from Amazon
This was definitely necessary for me. I do not have a lot of patience so if I am searching for something and I can´t find it as quickly as possible I get really nervous and then I won´t find it at all. But with these transparent toiletry bags it is super easy. You always have a look at everything that is inside plus if one of the products leaks during your journey can just wipe it off and go on. If that happens with a bag made of fabrics you usually have to wash it first before using it again. So this is a pretty simple and cool solution for me.


As an additon to my suitcase I usually take a weekender with me to put in everything else I don´t want to pair with my clothing – like my shoes, my toiletry bags or my hair dryer and curling wand – so it doen´t get wrinkly or dirty. I got this one years ago and it works very good. They have three different sizes S, M and L and since a short time you can get yours customized with you name on it. It has the shape of a doctor bag so it opens really wide on the top. I like the fabric a lot and they have so many different colors and patterns. The small one could also be used as a diaper bag.

and last but not least….

Mini-duplicates from the original I called them “Bathroom products”:
Not only that they are super cute – cause they are – the range of mini-me products is super wide. So almost everybody can get his´s or hers favorites in tiny for travelling or just for fun.

This is how my current packing Situation Looks ….


Wishing everybody a good time. I am already home from work and enjoy my spare time outside in the sun with Chloe.

Take care. See you. Love K.


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