Showing further parts of my house….

Hi guys

today I am revealing another room of our house –

It took a little to get this one ready. It has been the most used room so we had to do a lot before I could take some pictures and show it to you (and I almost waited 3 months for the sofa to arrive).
There was a crack in the sealing which had to be fixed first and after that we painted everything white and also had to get the rest of the bottom bars and mount them but here we are now…..
 The center of the room is – of course – the sofa. It has to be cause it is the biggest item in there. The color is just gorgeous – it fits with grey and also with brown. 

Around the couch is the dining table – a high shine white one for four people (you could also fit 6 people). I do have white chairs around the table wich I like a lot because it is so versatile this way. You can almost use every color for decorating the table you like.

There are several shelves for photos and decoration items and a glass cabinet for all my wine and champagne glasses and decanters.

I also purchased this firceplace – isn´t it super cute. I put some of our best pictures upon it. The wooden wall behind it is an adhesive wallpaper on a thin acrylic glass plate.

The bricks on the wall are actual real stones – we left them cause they are pretty cool and they match with the shabby chic theme which gets us to the next pieces of furniture.

The coffee table has this shabby chic design which I like a lot – also the clock above the fireplace. The pattern is so lovely.

That´s all for my living room so far. I hope you enjoyed this little sneek peek in my house. 

Planning on doing another room – stay tuned.
Totally into packing and planing for my summer vacation at this point.

What are your summer plans ?

Take care. See you. Love K.

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