Trends: Bronzers

Hi guys

today I am reporting about a new trend (well maybe not new but a current summer theme)


Here are different ones I purchased lately.

This is the e.lf. golden brozer. The light one. It is splitted in 4 rectangles. Great for highlighting but if you got or still got pale skin you can also use it as a bronzer.

I only purchased this one because it is so shining and glittery. They sell this brand at the douglas stores and also on amazon. 

This one is from the current essence trend edition #secretparty.
I wouldn´t have purchased this one because the color is not so special but the sandals were so cute so I had to have it. Really special, I have never seen such cute shoes in a bronzer 🙂

This is another one from essence. But I think this is the summer edition. This is a 2in1 bronzing powder. This one can also be used for highlighting. They have a second color from this one but that can be used as a bronzing powder or blush. The other color there is a light pink.

This is the last one I have. That is a bronzer from Coastal Scents. I have this one quite a while in light and medium. Used the medium one always as a blush. Now I got the lighter one and only use this for highlighting. It works very well, has a smooth consistency with a little shimmer. Very nice.

That´s all I got for this trend. Keep reading, the next one is coming soon.

Take care. See you 🙂

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