Wedding Wednesday – how I started to plan my wedding….

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Hi guys,
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I am finally sharing another wedding post today. It is all about starting to plan and staying organized while planning. 

First of all I got a wedding planner and a file. All the contact information, our inspiration and our correspondence with vendors, caterer, florists, music bands and wedding stores is in here. Also our guest lists are in here. 
Before looking at any vendors we made a guest list. Not final but we needed to know how many people we want and can invite. 
This also makes it easier to find a vendor cause they all offer for different sizes of parties and some have a minimum guest number of 100. 

With the first expenses I started the file where I have an eye on our budget and all the invoices sorted in categories. 
This makes it a lot easier to get a quick overview than a pile of paper in a shoebox.

With all the main aspects of planning tools I got some goodies for myself like the wedding planning glass. I love the shape and the font and it is just gorgeous. Got it on etsy. They offer many different ones but I had mine shipped to Germany so this wasn´t as easy as I thought first. 

The second thing I wanted was the big jar from Yankee Candle. Wedding Day is one of my favorite smells since I stepped into the first Yankee Candle store years ago. But now it finally makes sense to own one.
Another great tool for planning is Pinterest. It might be no secret to all my girls out there that I already had a secret wedding board saved for a long time. 
 Pinterest is great and offers lots of ideas but it can also be overwhelming and confusing at the same time to have so many options and choices. I decided on a color scheme first – this wasn´t hard at all for me since I love the fall and our wedding is at the beginning of fall so I went with burgundy and orange – and then went on Pinterest for ideas. Still was a lot to process but a lot more already fell of the edge.
We still have about six months for everything but we are pretty far by now. We have a vendor, a date, a music band and a dress and a suit. Table decoration is almost tinkered and the invitations are sent out. 
 We also booked our honeymoon and got our wedding rings. 
Feel free to ask any questions. I also have a wedding tab where you can find all the themes I have already written about.
Thanks for stopping by. Take care. See you.
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