Winter Favorites – Everything on Sale – NOW

Hi guys

as it got colder – and yes I mean really colder – and started snowing and freezing I switched from my current winter favs to the warmer ones. I am a little sad that we didn´t have for the christmas time. It would have been much better than 15° degrees and sunshine but we can´t help it the does what it wants.

So here are a few I am currently using, lots of them are already on sale.
Parka navy 
On Sale at H&M for 35 €

Currently on sale at H&M for 15 €
Cardigan Salt´n Pepper Pattern
Currently on sale at H&M for 10 €
Pullover with silver pearls all over
Currently on sale at H&M for 20 €

Poncho with stripes and fringes
Currently on sale at H&M for 20 €
Felt hat in a dark orange
Currently on sale at H&M for 12 €
Oversized scarf super soft and cozy
Currently on sale at H&M for 10 €
 Wool cap in navy with a round and puffy pom-pom
Currrently on sale at H&M for 10 €

What are your favorites ? Do you like the snow – I had been waiting for it a long time but actually I am looking forward to spring now.
Now it is the best time to get some goog bargains. 

Take care. See you. Love K.

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