Treaclemoon – One ginger morning……….

Hi guys
todays post is a really short one because I planned to do tons of stuff today I wanted to get done sooo long ago. Maybe a lot of you are familiar to this.
So here is the bodylotion and bodyspray I am using the most currently. I also had the shower gel earlier but at the moment I am using a medical one from the pharmacie because all I own dry out my skin and make it itch the whole day and that was freaking me out.
One ginger morning is from Treacle Moon and the mixture of the different smells is really great. It is stimulating so it is great to use in mornings cause the ginger smell wakes you up a lot better than the stupid alarm clock.
Take a look at their website:
 Try it – love it.
Have a nice sunday.
Take care. See you. Love K.

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