Winter Wonderful – Essence Limited Edition

Wonderful – Essence Limited Trend Edition

they got the products in our local drug store. It seemed to be ages.

bought the blush, the two lipglosses and and the handcream.

Kissed Cheeks


blush is super cute. There are little snowflakes in it. More than are
currently outside. The color is very nice. You can just take the rose
color for healthy looking cheeks or you mix the orange and brown with
the pink for for a gorgeous unique color.

kisses where snowflakes and I´d send you a blizzard

glosses are very sheer. You can see the color of the pink one better
than the other. It makes rosy and glossy lips. The apricot one is
very light. In my opinion you can only see it in the sun. Otherwise
it is just a glossy surface.

melt my heart

hand lotion is awesome. The smell is soooo good. Like a sweet kind of
powder. I am totally obsessed and I also got a backup now. So better
get it before its sold out….
Hope you all had nice weekend and great Holidays.
Take care. See you. Love K.

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