Huge Bump Friendly Summer Outfit Round-Up…



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I have never actually been pregnant through the whole Summer, a little into Summer in the end of my second pregnancy and also through the last weeks of Summer with my first but never very very pregnant over the whole time.

It actually is still fun getting dressed cause I have lots of flowy dresses and also don´t mind wearing them all day every day but I am very sure when the real heat wave hits us I won´t be as happy anymore. 

Anyways I hope to give you some inspo that it is still possible looking cute while being 7 months pregnant and out in the heat. I have tried my very best cause I also have days where I think I can not do this anymore and there soon won´t be anything that fits or even looks good but we all have our insecurities pregnant or not and long for outfit inspo from time to time. And to be honest when I leave the house dressed and styled I definitely feel better and have a better mood.

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