Give me all the Spring Dresses – navy + flower print…

dress H&M / denim Jacket Only old similar here and here / handbag Hallhuber old similar here and here / espandrilles Asos Design / lipstain Smashbox Big Spender


Good morning friends,

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I wanted to share this adorable navy blue flower dress for a few weeks now and I finally got around to re-wear it and shot it. I personally love a navy shade over a black. It just flatters my skin tone much more. Anyways the dress is a H&M sale find and perfect for spring weather. It has buttons in the front all the way down and a belt made of the same fabric to set the focus on the waist. 

I paired the dress with a denim jacket since it has been chillier than it looks in the picutres but it would also be a good addition for a colder day in general or the cool spring mornings. And my favorite pair of espandrilles. I hope you aren´t already tired of them because I got them in black too and they are also already a favorite.

But let´s skip to the handbag. Do you like the bamboo handle trend ? I personally do a lot cause in my opinion it adds such a fresh and summery touch to the look. I have a few different shapes, color and sizes of bags all with a bamboo handle and I wouldn´t want to miss them.

The weekend has been pretty nice (weatherwise) and we also had our early Easter brunch with the family yesterday which was a huge success. The food tasted great and everyone ate and chated a lot. After everyone left we spent the rest of the day cleaning up and lying on the sofa. Not too bad for a lazy Sunday.

There isn´t too much planned this week since I am at work from today to Thursday (although it is just a half day today – thank god). 

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Crowd Pleaser – simple and easy mediteranian bread salad…


Good morning guys,

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since Spring hit us hard the last few days all I can think about is light clothes and flower prints and BBQ. We had or first BBQ on Sunday and I can tell that I missed it so when I went grocery shopping for our BBQ I couldn´t decide at all what to make the day after cause somehow I wanted all. Spring and summer food is in my opinion much easier than the dishes for the rest of the year since many of them evolve fresh greens which don´t need to be cooked and are done in a very short amount of time.

I made this salad both in Summer and in Winter and people always loved it. It has always been the first dish which was gone so I say let´s make some cause it really tastes delicious and is so simple. Be sure to make a lot of it cause it really is a crowd pleaser. Don´t know exactly if it is because of the wide variety of ingredients or the crisp roasted Italian bread on top.

Ingredients for the salad:

-ciabatta (roast in pan with olive oil for the extra crunch)


-cherry tomatoes

-dried tomatoes

-pine nuts

-red onions


-parmesan cheese grated

-olive oil

for the dressing:

-olive oil

-black balsamic vinegar


-salt and pepper

-lemon juice

Just throw all the things together and whip up that fabulous dressing and your delicious salad is ready to serve. 

Be sure to have a bite cause it will go fast. 

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White polka dot mini dress….


Happy Thursday you guys,

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for the majority there is only one more day to go and then it is weekend and for me it´s Friday today already and I couldn´t be happier. I do have a important appointment tomorrow and also a facial but more on that later.

I wanted to share this adorable look on Madame Schischi I have worn on the weekend out for dinner with my in-laws and my handsome husband (maybe you have already spotted it on Instagram).

The Look

I got this off-white polka dot dress last year and also shot the look but never came around sharing it cause I forgot and then I deleted the pictures. But today is the day. I went with an all black and white look from head to toe. I personally love a great black and white piece as it always works whether with like-minded pieces or bright colors. I just added a black blazer jacket to give the look some dimension as the white alone looked kind of awkward (I did think first it looked like a nightshirt???).

One of my favorite handbags was taken out for a nightly spin – the Disney collection O Bag I got in Milan. I still love it and like combining it to all sorts of black and white or all red looks.

Another favorite of mine but in the shoe category are these sling back pumps I got from Asos. I have been dying to get my hands on a Chanel dupe from Sam Edelman of these sling back pumps but I don´t know how they will fit me and shipping to Germany is just so expensive. Glad I found my pair for ounder 50 Euro and I already have gotten a ton of use out of them. The patent style is really cool and they are super comfortable.

We are staying in the accessory department as we are talking hair. I got this big pearl hair clip from amazon (they have a bunch of different styles) and already used it a lot. Totally love the girlie vibes it adds to a hairstyle or to the whole outfit.



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My Amazon Buys – March…


Good morning guys,

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how can it possibly be April by now? March has just flown by and I can´t really tell how or why. We are counting down the weeks to our Hamburg weekend trip including a musical visit but before that there are still a bunch of appointments to attend and our big family Easter brunch and many other things to cross of my list. So while I am continuing on my list be sure to check out March´s amazon purchases. There are some good ones this month also regarding the house front (still finishing the last rooms).

Garment Bag // I finally bought one of these for wedding dress to store it properly and hang it in my dressing room. It is clear so I can go and have a look at my dress every time I want to. Also it is closed on every side. I only got a plastic cover for my dress from the bridal store which is open on the bottom.

Crazy Rich Asians + China Rich Girlfriend // I wanted to watch the movie so badly but I can not stream it here and it totally passed me by as the cinemas showed it so I decided to get the books for our train ride to Hamburg until I can finally watch it. 

Bluetooth Earbuds // Probably the most cherished purchase this month. Now I can finally listen to music and podcasts no matter what I do cause of the Bluetooth function which means no more cables and no more carrying around my phone or tablet. The reach is pretty good which means I can easily be on the same floor as my phone or on the first and it still is connected. Might not work if you own a villa but for a standard house it is enough.

Brita Water Filters // We got a Brita water filtering pot a few months ago and used it ever since. You would think that you know how water tastes but in fact it tastes compeltely different. So when you want to keep the refined taste of you coffee and tea and plain water you need to buy these water filters over and over again but one goes a long way and the offer on amazon can´t be beat by any other store.

A-Line Midi Skirt // I love love love midi skirt. One of my favorite type of skirts so from time to time I get myself a new one and I recently discovered that amazon has a pretty wide range regarding fashion overall so I ordered this one. In my opinion for only 15 Euro it is made of great quality. The material is thick and not seethrough at all and the flower print is beautiful but be sure to meassure before ordering cause I got one too big and have to go and let it taken in but that´s totally worth it.

Handles for Kitchen Cabinets // We´ve been wanting to change our cabinet handles for such a long time since the edges are super sharp and if you sit on the bar side there are also cabinets underneath, it was not too rare that one of us or both slit his knee. We do have a lot of scars and crusts on our knees after a hot and bare leg summer. The 15 piece pack for 20 Euro is the best option. Pretty handles, screws included and easy to install and the price is the best.

Pearly Hairclips // A total trend to follow right now. If you want to try it out but not sure about it yet and don´t want to spend to much money make sure to order one this seller. They come pretty quick and the quality in my opinion is great. Probably going to order two more styles.

Toilet Cover // Another piece to finally finish the leftover rooms in our house. I got this one for the powder bath and it instantly made it a cozier.

American History Book // Sine the US are my favorite country and I am no citizen I thought why not teach yourself a little more about important historical and political events throughout the decades. The best I could find for adults and a good price point.

Rituals Fragrance Sticks // Another addition for our powder room which made it the best smelling room of the house in a minute. I absolutely adore the Ritals Buddha series (also have the body butter) and am so happy that I found fragrance sticks of their brand. Definitely going to get those for the master bathroom as well.

So that´s it been for the months of March. Four weeks of amazon purchases in one blog post. I am going to reveal the powder bath next week so make sure to check back. Tomorrow is another fashion post and I do have a spring appropriate recipe for Friday.

View the month of February here.

As always thanks for stopping by. Take care. See you.




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