Your At Home Nail Salon…


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I haveń t been to a nail salon in years and to be honest sometimes I would love to have those perfect and carefree nails back but it is what it is. I do not want to spend the time there so I have been searching up and down and trying a lot of different types of polishes and manicure optioins and I wanted to share my number one with you today.

The essie brand has been a favorite of mine for many years not only because of the hundreds of color options and cool limited editions but it just holds up so well.

At home nail salon with Essie Gel


The Essie ‘ Gel 2-step nail polish is supposed to hold up as long as two weeks without any chipping or scratching. All you need is a color of your choice and the top coat that is supposed to seal everything in. It holds up way longer than your ususal nail polish plus top coat but so far I haven ´t made it to two weeks (but maybe only because I love to switch up colors a lot). Ten days are also a fabulously great outcome if you ask me.

There aren ´t as many gel nail polish colors as normal ones yet but this a great range to choose from and there are more and more so we will probably get to everyones favorite color very soon.

I am wearing a bright red here – Lady in Red. All the other colors are blush / pink / red but I am definitely getting a black or midnight blue for Fall / Winter.

It only takes tops 15 minutes and you are ready. Always depends on how many coats of color you are applying. Although it isn´t quick dry I think it dries up a lot faster than other polishes.


Our SUP Boards + helpful things for Water Sports…


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Last weekend has been the first time this year we finally went stand-up paddling. I have missed it so much and it was so great to get out on the water again. Although I do have to admit that it isn´t as easy as it was last year without a baby bump but I am giving my best cause I definitely want to stay fit this pregnancy and I also want to participate in all the Summer fun.

We got our paddle boards last year and got a ton of use out of them. There have been weeks we even went twice out on the water and I am so looking forward to it.

All Things Water Sports


SPF As much as possible cause the sun is brutal out on the water / we also always wear any kind of rash guard or at least a long sleeve

SUP board Ours are from Artsport, I have only found the blue one to link for you guys at the moment. They come with a paddle, a huge bag, a kit to repare wholes and a pump. The price is definitely unbeatable

Water shoes not a need per se but to be honest I have the slippery and sandy grounds in the river. It is just so disgusting so these come in very handy for me. You will also have way more traction on slippery stones and on the board in general.

Mesh bags I personally love these cause all of the sand and little stones fall out when carrying them. Plus they are both huge and you can take so many things with you. A great option for a beach day as well.

Cap this is self-explaining

Water safe bag this has been an actual life saver cause while you do not need your phone where do you put your key which are all electric nowadays and shouldn´t get wet at all. It has definitely kept everything dry inside. It has never been under water cause I do not wear it in cause I fall into the water but I clip it onto the board and it gets wet all the time from all the splashes. Held up great so far and the price is very good for a pack of two.

Water bottle with hook You can not imagine how thursty you will actually get. Paddling definitely is a real work out. I love the clip on our bottle cause you can attach it to the cords in front of the board and it can not slip or fall into the water. Also the stainless stell will keep your water cool as long as you need it.


The IT-Shirt of the Summer….


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For every season there is one significant piece of fashion that seems to be super trendy and pops up everywhere and on everyone. For this season it is the leopard print puff sleeve shirt with bows to tie on the front.

I have seen this shirt over weeks and somehow I gave in and got my own. Have had it for about 3 weeks now and only came around wearing it now and I have to say with the growing bump it is almost to late now (not that it is holding on to its dear life yet but still a little tight) to wear but I wanted to style it for you and give you an idea how to wear it for the Summer.

How to style the Leopard Print Bow Tie Shirt

I have seen plenty of versions on how to style this with different kinds of skirts and long denim pants but since it has been so hot the last couple of days my choice of pant has been an easy breezy white linen short.

If you want one by yourself there are plenty of similar versions out there from 10 to 100 Euro. I am definitely satisfied with mine. Got it from SheIn for 10 Euro cause I just wanted to see what the fuss is about. Amazon doesn ´t take that long for shipping.

You could also skip the shirt underneath and just wear it over a bandeau bra or bralette but I do not feel comfortable exposing this much tummy that far in pregnancy.

SheIn Version / amazon Version / Asos Version


Yellow Flowy Dress and Shell Handbag…


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Yellow is one of my favorite colors for Summer – perhaps for the whole year but it never looks as good as during Summer time. Getting dressed pregnant is a sport itself so I definitely prefer easy dresses I can throw on and go and this little yellow number ticks all the boxes.

All of the items in this post scream Summer – the espadrilles, the airy and vibrant dress, the raffia earrings and of course the cute little handbag shaped like a shell. You could easily swap out the espadrilles for any kind of flats but I really loved the look of a little heel with the dress.

Might use some self tanner or at least some shiny body oil next time but maybe I won´t look this pale for long since Summer has made an appearance the last couple of days.