6 things we can learn from the Mary Poppins Returns movie…

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Hi guys,

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anyone arround who loves Disney? I just adore it. Every movie, every charakter, every park and every shop. I have to see it. Everytime we visit a new city and we pass a Disney store I am the first one in and could stay there for a long time. 

When we where in London two years ago it was the release of the remake of the Beauty and the Beast starring Emma Watson as Belle and the whole Disney store was changed into showplaces of the movie. Didn´t want to leave ever.

Some weeks ago we finally went to see the new Mary Poppins Returns movie in the cinema and it was great. Not only do I truly love Emily Blunt as an actress who fit the role perfectly, I also love how drastically a Disney movie can change your emotions by watching it and not only this. 

You can also learn a lot from every Disney movie about life and value and moral and treating other people. So I am sharing 6 things I recognized while watching with you today.

# 1 Be kind // Spreading kindness is absolutely essentially when it comes to interacting/socializing with other people. It really doesn´t cost a thing but can help so much. Whether it is careerwise or for personal matters. You will always ALWAYS meet people twice in your life – you probably don´t know where or when – but wouldn´t it be better if you are meeting on a positive initual situation than on anger or dislike.

#2 Never stop dreaming // You are never too old or too young to have dreams. There will always be the dream smashers who don´t believe in your ideas or thoughts but guess what, not everyone is like that. You have to stick to your convictions like other people before you did or there would be no Starbucks and no Harry Potter. So go on and chase after the stars to pursue your dreams. Everything is possible.

#3 Don´t stuck your nose into things which are none of your business // This is relevant for personal matters as much as for business. Of course we all gossip, if you admit it or not but everyone somehow is nosy and wants to know everything. Keep in mind that knowing too much of a certain thing can also bring big trouble and or real consequences. If someone at all cost doesn´t want you to know something just leave it be. It can only make things worse.

#4 There are always people out there who want your bad // Not everyone you meet on your way through life will be nice and have your best interest at heart. There are lots of people who only do things which which will be good for themselves no matter the cost or the trace of corpses they leave behind. They use you or play you like a foo. If someone turns out to be this kind of person make a big turn around cause many people are only looking out for themselves and this is getting worse and worse.

#5 Don´t judge a book by its cover // This is as old as time but still true. A first impression is important but that´s also all you have. Take some time to get to know the other person a little better before judging. I know we all mostly judge before we question someone/something but this really is something worth the effort. You never know who you possibly could get to know without.

#6 Never loose your inner child // Having fun and being silly from time to time is not wrong at all. Some adults are so serious that it is almost tiring talking to them. These days everyting we do and see (work, news) is so gravely. You have to provide your own fun and don´t take everything and also yourself too serious otherwise this will steal your joy and drown you in fear and resentment.

Have you seen the movie allready ? Do you like Emily Plant as Mary ? Thanks for stopping by. Take care. See you.

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The perfect personalized gift for Valentine´s Day for her or him….


Hey guys,

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by now you might know how much I love Valentine´s Day and as much as I am for practical gifts (stuff to wear or things you wanted/needed) I can´t deny I wouldn´t love a personalized gift over everyhting else.

So for Valentine´s Day 2019 I do have a great gift idea for you guys which will be delivered until the 14th if you order today (for customers from Europe and the US and several other countries – be sure to check the pricing&shipping tab).

I am talking about Lovebook, a company I came across Instagram (the commericials there aren´t always bad) and I loved the idea right away. It is not only perfect for Valentine´s Day. There are so many different ocassions you can choose from like birthdays, marriage, anniversaries and so much more. I of course wanted a Valentine´s Day inspired book to show my husband how much I love and appreciate him.

The great thing is that you can personalize the people you want to talk about/use for the book. Such a nice feature and it is so much fun. I think we turned out great but I probably have to wait until next week if he really recognizes himself and me.

If you are searching for a gift you where you can express your feelings or somethings really special, this is for you. It is different from gift cards, sweets or other material things.

I went with the hardcover and full color illustrations but they also offer soft cover and black and white pages. I think you get the best value out of this. Also be sure to select premium shipping at checkout to get your Lovebook delivered in time for Valentine´s Day (and you also get a tracking number so you can see where it is at the moment).

And of course it wouldn´t be perfect without a little discount code for the holiday. Use code VDAY19 for 20 & off of your Lovebook order.

Have fun putting it together and happy gifting.

(I unfortunately can´t show you more of my book because my husband reads my blog sometimes so I don´t want him to see the whole surprise).

Thanks for stopping by. Take care. See you.

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Winter Style // Trendy Chain Print Midi Dress…


dress H&M / handbag Armani Jeans sold out similar here and here / overknee boots old similar here and here / waist belt H&M old similar here and here / white fuzzy jacket Gina Tricot old similar here


Hi guys,

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snow is still here, but fortunately it didn´t get more throughout the last 24 hours. It also started melting but this might take a while until it is fully gone. I was so happy about all the snow gone last week and preparing for spring which means I put together cute outfits and post ideas but now I got a pretty big damper. Let´s see how this goes.

So for today I am reporting about the chain print trend I love so much. I have always loved prints and this one especially but it was so hard to get pieces with it until the last season where it became super popular and I am so happy. I already got several pieces like this bodysuit or this amazing dress.

The chain print dress I am wearing in the picutres above is from H&M. It has an awesome length (stops right in the middle of my calf) which makes it perfect wear either with pumps or overknee boots. The print is golden on a black background paired with white and black stripes on the sleeves and at the hem of the dress. It comes with a waist belt they couldn´t find it in the store anymore so I got it for a discounted price since it was the last one but it isn´t expensive at all (under 50€ and online still available).

If the temperatures would have been better I would have totally paired it with my pair of beloved black patent pumps but with snow everywhere boots it had to be. I also opted for a white fuzzy jacket to add some lighter colors and also a nude colored handbag.

I personally love to wear dresses not matter the weather and this one is really gorgeous. Be sure to check it out, the chain print is here to stay.

Thanks for stopping by. Take care. See you.


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The softest leopard print sweater you will ever have…



leopard print sweater SheIn / hand bag Katie Loxton model Avery / faux leather skirt H&M old similar here and here / boots sold out similar here and here / hat H&M old similar here and here


Hi guys,

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our weekend full of delicious food and doing not much more than to eat is over and what is left is a cold and snowy (sooo much snow!!!)  Monday morning. So to brighten up your day I am sharing the softest leopard print sweater with you, you probably will ever own. The quality is great and it has the perfect color/print combination I have ever found. And do you want to know the best ?? Of course you do. It is UNDER 25 €.

I ordered it from SheIn two weeks ago and what can I say more than that it is beautiful. I just love every leopard piece I see at the moment (posted about this beautiful cardigan last week). If you are very tall I would recommend wearing the pullover with a highwaisted skirt/jeans because it isn´t too long (only in one size available). I am 5´5 (1,64 cm) and it fits fine.

I combined it with a black faux leather skirt and a pair of matching brown suede booties. Also the hat matched the theme pretty great. Since I don´t want to go all black in the winter cause it is already dark enough outside I try to find as many pieces in the same hue to wear with black and lighten up the whole look a little.

And cognac brown and black are one of the best color combinations to date. Always look on point and very chic. Aboslutely love it. This totally could be a go-to cause it always works.

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