31 Dresses of Summer – the denim dress…


Happy Sunday you guys,

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we had a great day today. Went on a little scenic drive to a nearby city. Had a delicous lunch with our dearest friends. The food was amazing, the weather gorgeous, the kids so well-behaved and overall it was a really good day. So let´s get to number four of my Summer dresses. 

How to style a denim dress

Denim plays a huge part in our everyday fashion. There isn´t one thing of fashionable piece that doesn´t exist in a denim version too so it is no surprise that there are so many cute denim dresses out there. I mean give me some ruffled sleeves and I am all yours. 

A denim dress is probably one of the easiest pieces to combine. Adding any color you like will make it look great. I went with blush and cognac brown and in my opinion it turned out super pretty. You could also go with all black accessories and sneakers to tune it down a little or wear a pair of heels and some sparkly jewelry to make it date night appropriate.

Summer denim usually is a little lighter than normal denim which means you won´t sweat as much but in my opinion it wrinkles a lot easier. 


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