31 Dresses of Summer – the pink flower dress…


Happy Hump Day you guys,

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the weather has been pretty crappy today so indoor playing it was. Emilia loves the outdoors and wants to be outside all day everyday. Rainy days like today are pretty hard too manage and keep her occupied. 

Anyways let´s throwback to the amazing weather in the pics. We went into the city and had an amazing breakfast and took the pictures afterwards. Never forgot an avocado toast 😉

How to style a pink flower dress

Flower dresses aren´t for anyone. I know lot´s of gals who like to dress feminine but despise the flower print whether it´s huge blossoms or millefleur. We are definitely team flower print over here so just as a side note I have some more dresses including different flower prints for you to come.

Summer is definitely the most colorful time of the year for me so I am taking everything in the most beautiful and vibrant color as possible. Pink is one of my favorite colors but sadly doesn´t fit that well with my red hair now but as color component in a print it works out perfectly.

To add the most Summer feeling to this outfit I went with a white straw hat and my beloved white espadrilles – my most worn shoes I probably have to retire after this year. There is something about all things straw that create that easy breezy Summer feel. Plus white is always a great color to add to Summer looks. 

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