A 3 Day City Trip to Prague – What we did, ate and what I wore….


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In the middle of March my husband and I went to Prague for a 3 day city trip. It has been the first time we went somewhere without our two girls and while it was bitter the very first day we had a great time together as a couple and lots of fun.

It was a very short road trip, only took us about 2 and a half hours to get there (but this always depends on where you are coming from). There was no toll on the road but you have to get a vignette before crossing the border (this is a little sticker you need to have in you car to make sure you are allowed to drive on the interstate).


Where we stayed

This was our second time in Prague (we have been there eight !!!! years ago) and we stayed at the Astoria Hotel, a cute little boutique hotel. There was parking in front of the hotel but we ended up reserving a parking spot in the parking garage around the corner. Breakfast was included and our room was pretty big and the best it was right across the street from an awesome Indian restaurant.

The staff at the hotel was very nice and helpful. Also our hotel was very central. It was just about 5 minutes walking distance to the astronomic clock (right in the middle of the city).

What we did

Day 1

Rooftop Bar TerasaUPrince for Lunch

Saint Nicholas Church (one of the prettiest churches I have ever been too – the chandelier !!!!)

Speculum Alchemiae

Ribs of Prague for Dinner


Day 2

Castle of Prague 

Wenceslas Square

Lunch at Restaurant SV Vaclava for traditional czech beef stew

Astronomic Clock – it plays a music and the figurines move every hour

Indian Jewel for Dinner


Day 3

Carl´s Bridge

Trdelnik – the sweetest czech treat


What we ate

BBQ marinated ribs at Ribs of Prague


Traditional beef stew (Gulasch) at Restaurant SV Vaclava


Chicken Tikka Masalla at the Indian Jewel


Pistacchio Trdelnik with vanilla ice cream


Outfits I have worn

It was a little cold when we got there but the weather improved throughout the first day. Nevertheless we still had Winter coats with us and ended up wearing them at night.

I had a full plan of outifts and loved everyone I was wearing. Initially these have been planned for Rome but we switched cities last minute cause I didn´t want to fly this early in pregnancy. 


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