London Diary Day 1….

Hi guys,
I guess you already knew that we had been to London a few days ago cause if you follow me around on the social plattforms there was no way on not seeing anything of it.
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First days in vacation are always a little chaotic. You have to catch your flight, you have to find your hotel and then you gotta start explore your surroundings.
We took an early flight from Munich Airport to London Heathrow Airport. After one and a half hour of flying we were already there.
Then we got from the airport straight into the underground and drove to the Baker Street Station in London City (this was the closest station to our Hotel – only about four minutes to walk). We bought an Oyster card at the underground station. This one is rechargable so you can drive anywhere you like without getting a new ticket all the time.
We stayed at Hotel Americana. As we got this for a Christmas present there was no choosing from our side but it was totally okay. The Location was just perfect. This couldn´t been better.
After a quick resfreh in our hotel we started to go into the City. There wasn´t much time left on our first day. We started to get into the City at about 3 p.m.
We headed down to Westminster which is located in the south from our hotel. We went to Buckingham Palace first. This was pretty impressing. You can´t believe that there are only a few people living. It is guarded on every side by the typical british watchman with the furry hats and by the Police as well.

From there is isn´t very far to Westminster Cathedral so we walked. This church is pretty impressing it on the inside. Doesn´t look so on the outside. That was one of Florian´s favorites.

Next stop was Westminster Abbey where the Kings and Queens of the royal family get crowned. There is also a cemetary for the other british royal´s.

Only a few metres away there is the Westminster Palace with the famous Big Ben tower. This was also the last stop for our first day. Like I said there wasn´t so much time for our first day for sightseeing.

After taking a quick shower at the hotel and changing clothes we went out for a dinner to a typical british fish restaurant. The Mayfair Chippy.

We had fish and chips. This is a must for a stay in London.
Take care. See you.

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