All the X-Mas Movies we have watched this year and where to stream them…


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Christmas Eve is only two days aways, TWO !!!! Wow time flies fast. We have been watching a Christmas movie almost everyday for the last ten days or so and we have come pretty far with all the movies we wanted to watch. There are some we still want to see but to be honest I don´t mind watching them after Christmas. 

X-Mas Movies we have watched so far

Christmas with the Kranks @netflix

Love this one so much because of Tim Allen. We are watching this one at least two times. The funniest thing how they try to avoid Christmas and go on a cruise cause their daughter left for the peace corps and they have to throw a last-minute Christmas Eve party.


National Lampoon´s Christmas Vacation @primevideo

This is by far my absolute favorite Christmas movie. Maybe because I can relate to so many aspects of the film. Family father Clark Griswold is planning the perfect Christmas with the highest expectations and get´s a ton of rocks thrown into his way.


Santa Clause 1 @disney+

Definitely like this one more than the second part. Tim Allen is the best in Christmas movies. This one is one of a kind. He scares Santa Claus which fall from the roof so he becomes the new Santa Claus. By his side all the time is his adorable son.


Santa Clause 2 @disney+

Santa Claus needs to find a wife before Christmas so he can stay at the North Pole. Definitely not an easy task if you only have 13 days but he made it and also delivered all the presents on time. 


The Nutcracker and the four realms @disney+

Definitely a must see. The most beautiful costumes and backdrops I have seen in a long time. Great actors and so much to discover. 


Dirty Office Party @netflix

This might be one of the real life movies. A huge Christmas party at an office going overboard because they wanted to trick their CEO. Starrs Jennifer Aniston. It is not as cheerful as all the holiday movies but was a nice change.


love actually @netflix

A real oldie (Keira Knightley looks like a baby) but always nice to watch. I personally like these types of cross movies where there are many different couples´ stories. 


Christmas Under Wraps @netflix

The first Christmas movie I have watched this year and in true “Hallmark” spirit it is definitely a forseeable romcom but the Christmas decor and spirit everywhere is great.


A Christmal Carol @disney+

This is the nicer version of Scrooged plus it is animated and much cuter to watch. A classic Christmas movie starring the present, the future and the past ghost of Christmas.


Christmas Made to Order @netflix

This was by far the worst movie I have watched in quite some time. All the decor was so cheesy and over the top and the acting was horrible. I didn´t even finish it.


The Grinch @netflix

A classic Christmas movie for the whole family. So cute to watch. This one never gets old.


My Christmas Inn @netflix

The story of a succesful marketing lady inheriting an inn in a cute little city. She warms up to the city and its residents and decides to leave her old life behind and works at the inn. Cute story but a little flat. 


Holidate @netflix

A wild Christmas movie from the perspective of a single who has to come home alone for Christmas so the rest of the family can bother her to get a boyfriend. She makes a pact with a guy she met to “fake” spend all the holidays toghether until the ultimately fall in love. Starts and ends with Christmas but covers every holiday throughout the year.


The Christmas Chronicles @netflix


The Christmas Chronicles 2 @netflix


Jingle Jangle @netflix


Family Stone @primevideo


Christmas Wonderland @netflix


X-Mas movies we still want to watch

Home Alone Part 1 and 2

Miracle on 34th street

Santa Clause 3


The two biggest surprises in terms of story and picturesque moments are definitely The Nutcracker and Jingle Jangle.

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