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Christmas time can be very expensive. All the decorations, the social gatherings, the gifts to get, the parties/dinners to throw/attend and of course the perfect outfits for the holidays. It can get overwhelming really fast and pretty bad for our bank account but to be honest it doesn´t always have to be the biggest, most expensive item. Sometimes the little things are all a special person in your life needs. 

Thoughtful little gifts with a well known background for the receiver will have such a sentimental value you can not make up with money. Like a restock on your co-workers favorite hand lotion, or a pack of fancy socks for your gym partner who always wears mixed up socks. You get what I am saying right!!


Stocking Stuffers for Her:

Key Ring – for the mom who always has her hands full

Leopard Print Notebook – for you friend who loves to scribble or wants to write down ideas during the day

S´Well Water Bottle – for the co-worker who always forgets to bring water, but with this cute bottle …

Cute Jade Earrings – for the girl who loves some color in her life

Pom Pom Beanie – for a teenager that loves pink

Plush Slippers – for your friend who always has cold feet, these are super warm

Burt´s Bees Balm Jar – for the girl that loves a light tinted lip that includes moisturizer

Luxurious Hand Balm – for the gal that loves to add a touch of luxury to her day

Funny Socks – for the girl in your life who always wears mismatched socks


These are all cute affordable and thoughtful things. I mean there are hundreds out there but you might get the hang of what I mean right?!


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