Avon Cosmetics #2 Trying some new stuff

HI Guys 
latest Avon order just arrived. I unpacked it almost immidiately. So keep reading if you are interested.

First of all I have to talk about the avon senses romantic garden of eden shower gel. the smell is incredible. I am really looking forward to shower all day long now 🙂 It is a big bottle with a pump and I think it is made to last a long time but in my case I think it doesn´t.  The smell is flowery and fresh. I also have the matching after shower mist but I think it is more a lotion than a mist. It has the same smell and is also absolutely great. The skin stays hydrated and it gets very soft. The smell lasts a long time.

Now we are heading over to make up products.
I got a new foundation. The Avon ideal flawless foundation. It is a cream / powder foundation. The coverage is good. If you don´t want to you don´t even have to wear a powder. It stays matte for several hours which is very good for me because I have oily skin. It may stay a lot longer matte if you have normal or dry skin.
In their catalog they have a chart with all their make up on one side and all skin types on the other. This is like a guide which foundation is best for you. I think that this is a great idea. It helps you to find the perfect one. You can also order small samples of the colors to find a matching one.

Now we are coming to the cutest thing I have seen in a long time. A lipgloss pot. The diamond kisses lipgloss pot. It is a shimmery rose and sparkling color. The pot with the gloss in it has the form of a diamond. The consistence is a little sticky but the cuteness of it exceeds it and overall the color is really cute. 

Last but not least is a mascara.  it is the Avon mega effects mascara. I have never seen one like this before. It is kind of a tricky thing to open it. You might need some practice. I got it in the brown-black but they also have it in deepest black. It has a wide applicator to apply. The brown/black one is a nice alternative for day time. You can apply a lot of it and it doesn´t look to dark.

So that´s it for this time. Next time (hopefully soon) I got some skin care news from Avon. 
Take care. See you. 🙂

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