Casual Saturday #7….

Mug and plate is H&M
Cookie recipe from HRHH


Hi guys,
 (post contains affiliate links/Werbung/Markennennung/Beitrag enthält Affilate Links-not sponsored)
another week is finally over and we are getting closer to our vacation each and every day. 

I already started packing as it is really warm in Italy and I want to wear as many Summer dresses I can and on the other note I want to take as many outfit pictures as possible cause I won´t get these backgrounds back to soon. But I planed a seperate post on packing.

I am still thinking about these pair of adidas sneakers. I have ordered them in white and sent them back and now I might get the pink ones. I can wear a kids size easily so they would be cheaper too.

Another thing I purchased is this clear acrylic organizer from amazon for my make-up corner in the bathroom. In fact I am just sitting on the bath tub and use the windowsill but I can´t open the window that easily when I have to remove every single thing so this cute little organizer really is a win for me.

I also found this adorable bag from Hallhuber. Doesn´t it look like a little cloud ?
It is from the 40 years of style collection and just so adorable. It is available in several colors but I love the baby blue shade. The bamboo handle is just the coolest and it has also an extra bag inside for all the smaller things you carry with you.

I don´t know if this counts for reading (cause afterall I use it as a coffeetable book) but I got the latest Lauren Conrad book – Celebrate and I almost read it at once. This is something which I am really interested into. Tablescapes, decoration, menus, table manors and table settings and so on. It is the perfect book (and I also lost All in good taste from Kate Spade) if you want to improve yourself at those themes.

I tried out several things and my favorite of these week where the buffalo wings lettuce taccos. These where delicious I couldn´t get enough and I am not eating really much for dinner usually.

Another thing I tried was this shrimp / rice / broccoli dish. It wasn´t bad – Florian liked it really much – but I didn´t like the sauce. I might try this one again but with a different sauce.

And last but not least a vegetarian option. A chickpea curry. This was by far my favorite. So so good. It smelled so good I wanted Indian food immediately.

If you want to have any recipe information you can E-Mail me. Most of the recipes are from foodguidevideos from Instagram.

We also tried out a new restaurant in Regensburg.It is called bar Ravel –  a spanish tapas bar. I always wanted to try one out but the closest I got was the Greek tapas bar in London. I have a few pics on my Instagram stories so hurry.

Thanks for stopping by and have a nice weekend. 
Take care. See you.

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