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Hello my lovely friends,

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Let´s be honest, aren´t we all a little dependant on amazon. It´s just because they carry everything you need and so much more so it is no surprise I got all of my pregnancy must-haves off of amazon. 

All the products I am sharing above have helped me a ton in the beginning and ongoing of my pregnancy. You aren´t allowed to take much to comfort yourself so some other things to distract you it is.

In the end evey woman has to find out for herself what is the most comforting or needed item as every pregnancy is different but this is a little article to guide you into the right direction.

Pregnancy Must-Haves

Pregnancy book // This was the first book I ordered and I have to admit it is super informative. The reading is great and I like a lot that is has a lot of further chapters for after you have given birth. For me a must-read but I am going to share the other books I got in a separate post. 

Pant expansion // A well needed piece for the strange weeks between needing maternity pants and your normal jeans. I have used them a ton and they will be quite as useful after giving birth. They come in a pack of two and in three different colors. 

Magnesium // I had lots of ligament pain throughout the whole time I have been pregnanct now and my gynecologist recommended taking magnesium cause it would help to stretch and it has worked out really great. So I am definitely going to take this until the end as it ensured for so much relieve.

Nursing bra´s // Not need those at the moment, at least not for nursing but I some books I have read say that these are a great comfortable and underwire free option if your breasts will get really big and want to wear a bra for support at night. 

Jersey dress // This gorgeous jersey dress wasn´t a pregnancy buy in particular. I have found it in the early stages of my pregnancy and it still works great with the bump so I got it in a few other colors. Currently available in 8 with short and long sleeves and for under 20 Euro definitely a great piece to wear pregnant or not.

Pregnancy pillow // The most comfortable pillow I have ever owned came in yesterday and I already love it. It is super soft and so supportive (feels like a hug) for your pregnant body in terms of sleeping (haven´t slept good for some time now and it probably won´t get any better) and resting. Florian also already approved it and I have a feeling that he will be using it too when I am not there. It comes in 5 different covers and I have the gray velvet one. 

Pregnancy workout dvd // I have ordered this weeks ago and never came around using it until a few days ago. Since I am still going to my line dance class I only do the arm workouts but they are still hard. In my opinion you don´t have to be super sporty as long as you stay as active as possible. I hadn´t been cleared for sports until my 16th week appointment. It is what it is.

Accupressure wristband // Heard a lot about the accupressure points on the wrist and with its ability to ease nausea so I got this set of wrist bands on amazon but I have to admit I did not notice any difference. The only things which helped against my nausea were sleep through it or try to eat small amounts. Other than that nothing really worked and I just had to wait until it got better on its own.

Burt`s Bee´s body oil // Awesome product! The first body oil I have ordered and I have used it every day since my bump started to show. It prevents itching and I haven´t gotten a single stretchmark. Of course there is still a long way to go but so far so good. The smell is amazing and so calming and a little goes a long way. 

Is there anything I have missed and helped you so far ? Or is there anything I should add to my list and try?

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