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today´s post might not be for eveyone but for all my mama´s to-be out there this could be quite useful. Ever since I found out I was pregnant I started to do my research on baby products in online shops, on other mama bloggers sites and everywhere in between. All of our friends are still childless so I couldn´t ask any of them but I think I did quite well. How useful and probably more important how often the items will be used when the baby is here is still out in the open.

Car Seat Maxi Cosi Rock Group 0 // I had a look at many different car seat brands but ended up liking the Maxi Cosi the most. They seems to be really safe and also affordable which makes them attractive for many people I think. Ours is the Rock in Group 0 which is the newborn phase and up. We have the sparkling grey and I personally love that it glitters in the sun. Of course you can also get a plain color.

Car seat knitted sunroof // I wanted another color for the Maxi Cosi but couldn´t find one I really liked so I got this cute little knit cover for it which is so pretty and adds a whimsical touch.

Car seat cover // I think they are super practical if you are carrying the baby in the car seat with you to doctors appointments so the light will she shut out and it is also a great way to keep germs off.

Baby Björn Rocker // Heard and seen that this is the holy grail rocking chair for happy babies. Every mom I am following on Instagram has pointed out that this is the best rocker they could possibly find. It is a little more expensive than other but you can turn it inside out and use it as a chair when your baby has grown into the toddler stage.

Baby Björn Rocker toy // Got this recommended as I put my rocker in the cart. I ended up buying it too because I think it will make a fun little additon to the rocker for the baby to play but to be honest it is a little bit pricier than I would want it to be.

Mammacita burp clothes // Not much to add to these. I will need them anyway so why not get some with adorable lamas.

Sleepyhead // Since the Dock-A-Tot isn´t available in Germany I have found a similar one from the UK. The brand is called sleepyhead and I would say it is the same product. At least it looks the same and the prints are also very similar. I plan on using this for the sofa and also as an insert for the crib beside our bed.

SkipHop changing pad // Got this changing pad to carry in my tote or the stroller with me. I have another one in my diaper bag, also from SkipHop. I think their pieces are super cute and affordable and so far I think the quality is really great. 

Nightlight // Great to light up the baby´s room and also perfect for breastfeeding in the middle of the night. It has a touch sensor and 3 different levels of light. I also plan on packing this in my hospital bag. 

WMF bottle warmer // There are bottle warmer of any brand out there but they also only fit the brands bottles so I had been on the hunt for one that warms any bottle I would want to heat up and also thaws and warms breastmilk from the freezer bags.

Diaper pail // This one is supposed to seal up each and every diaper individually so it won´t smell. We´ll find out. You can get different skins for your diaper pail with a ton of patterns. 

Drip tray for baby bottles and pacis // I thought this was super cute to put the bottles and pacis on after sterilizing them to dry.

Portable white noise mashine // Got this because of many recommendations. It is easy to use and makes a bunch of different noises.

Baby knit blanket // Wanted to match a cute baby blanket with our stroller and this one fits the bill in color and style and softness.

Velcro Swaddles // Hopefully these will support our baby to sleep good during nap times and nights. 

breastfeading pillow // It was really hard for me to find a breastfeeding pillow that wasn´t super cheesy or ugly for me. Why do all of the prints and colors have to be so over the top ugly in Germany. I really don´t get it.

car mirror // I never thought of this but it makes total sense to have one of these, also for safety reasons. It takes less time looking in the mirror what the baby is doing than turning your head while driving.

flexible toy ball // I know that the baby will be to small to grab anything in the beginning but I ended up getting it cause I figured at some point we need grabing toys as well.

There are millions of articles out there to shop for and in the end you have to decide for yourself what you really need and want but I think a little guide on what other people recommend and get might make it a little easier.

All of the prodcuts are from amazon and most come with prime shipping so if you decide on anything last minute I am sure you will get it in time.

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