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Hi guys,

don´t we all agree that Italians make the most beautiful shoes and handbags. So it is no suprise that they brought a brand like this to us – CARPISA.

I first found this store a few years ago when I had been to Verona in Italy. They didn´t always have it there because I had been there before and I would have recognized it. So we went there last year as we visited Lago di Garda which is pretty close to Verona (about 45 minutes away).

It was pretty clear that I had to get back to one of their stores during our vacation this year too cause they have lots and I had seen some bags on their online store I was pretty interested in but I wanted to see them in live first.

So glad there is a big store located in Bolzano.
Those are my finds which I absolutely love and some outfit pics how I styled the bags I got last year.
Rusha – color metal gun – love the color, so trendy at the moment and the shape is so nice. In fact it has lots of storage and you can wear it by using the short handles or the strap.
Gifa – color turquoise – had my eye on this a long time cause the color is just so bold and beautiful. I couldn´t decide between the two available shapes first but I took the smaller one cause it is still big enough.
Exile Summer – color white – wasn´t sure about this one first but when I saw it in person it totally had me. The turquoise stones and the studs are just so beautiful.

matching belt – color white – I always wanted a matching belt to a bag I own.

                                                                        view post here                  view post here


                                                         view post here                   view post here                 view post here


                                                             view post here              view post here                  view post here

Also got the cutest bag charms a tassel for the Gifa crossbody and a little bag in a pastel yellow shade (but unfortunately I can´t find them in their online store).
All of the bags are so gorgeous and so detailed and I almost couldn´t decide which one to choose. It always takes me a long time to decide. I am so glad Florian is so 
They also have a collection where Penelope Cruz designed a few pieces for and with them. Those pieces are also really pretty but they sell out very fast. 
The whole collection includes leather and non-leather bags (and they sell suitcases as well now) so they really do have bags for every taste and wallet and have you seen the little turtle all over their products. This is the cutest brand logo I have seen in a while.
 Thanks for stopping by. 
Take care. See you. 

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