My Amazon Buys – March…


Good morning guys,

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how can it possibly be April by now? March has just flown by and I can´t really tell how or why. We are counting down the weeks to our Hamburg weekend trip including a musical visit but before that there are still a bunch of appointments to attend and our big family Easter brunch and many other things to cross of my list. So while I am continuing on my list be sure to check out March´s amazon purchases. There are some good ones this month also regarding the house front (still finishing the last rooms).

Garment Bag // I finally bought one of these for wedding dress to store it properly and hang it in my dressing room. It is clear so I can go and have a look at my dress every time I want to. Also it is closed on every side. I only got a plastic cover for my dress from the bridal store which is open on the bottom.

Crazy Rich Asians + China Rich Girlfriend // I wanted to watch the movie so badly but I can not stream it here and it totally passed me by as the cinemas showed it so I decided to get the books for our train ride to Hamburg until I can finally watch it. 

Bluetooth Earbuds // Probably the most cherished purchase this month. Now I can finally listen to music and podcasts no matter what I do cause of the Bluetooth function which means no more cables and no more carrying around my phone or tablet. The reach is pretty good which means I can easily be on the same floor as my phone or on the first and it still is connected. Might not work if you own a villa but for a standard house it is enough.

Brita Water Filters // We got a Brita water filtering pot a few months ago and used it ever since. You would think that you know how water tastes but in fact it tastes compeltely different. So when you want to keep the refined taste of you coffee and tea and plain water you need to buy these water filters over and over again but one goes a long way and the offer on amazon can´t be beat by any other store.

A-Line Midi Skirt // I love love love midi skirt. One of my favorite type of skirts so from time to time I get myself a new one and I recently discovered that amazon has a pretty wide range regarding fashion overall so I ordered this one. In my opinion for only 15 Euro it is made of great quality. The material is thick and not seethrough at all and the flower print is beautiful but be sure to meassure before ordering cause I got one too big and have to go and let it taken in but that´s totally worth it.

Handles for Kitchen Cabinets // We´ve been wanting to change our cabinet handles for such a long time since the edges are super sharp and if you sit on the bar side there are also cabinets underneath, it was not too rare that one of us or both slit his knee. We do have a lot of scars and crusts on our knees after a hot and bare leg summer. The 15 piece pack for 20 Euro is the best option. Pretty handles, screws included and easy to install and the price is the best.

Pearly Hairclips // A total trend to follow right now. If you want to try it out but not sure about it yet and don´t want to spend to much money make sure to order one this seller. They come pretty quick and the quality in my opinion is great. Probably going to order two more styles.

Toilet Cover // Another piece to finally finish the leftover rooms in our house. I got this one for the powder bath and it instantly made it a cozier.

American History Book // Sine the US are my favorite country and I am no citizen I thought why not teach yourself a little more about important historical and political events throughout the decades. The best I could find for adults and a good price point.

Rituals Fragrance Sticks // Another addition for our powder room which made it the best smelling room of the house in a minute. I absolutely adore the Ritals Buddha series (also have the body butter) and am so happy that I found fragrance sticks of their brand. Definitely going to get those for the master bathroom as well.

So that´s it been for the months of March. Four weeks of amazon purchases in one blog post. I am going to reveal the powder bath next week so make sure to check back. Tomorrow is another fashion post and I do have a spring appropriate recipe for Friday.

View the month of February here.

As always thanks for stopping by. Take care. See you.




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My Amazon Buys – February…


Good morning guys,

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if you are a longtimer follower you have probably noticed that I love amazon. They carry everything you could ever look for in endless options and price points and so much more. So since I am frequently buying things from amazon I thought I could share my monthly amazon finds/buys cause I LOVE reading what other people get on amazon. And without further ado here we go for the month of Feburary.

Apelt table runner // This is going to be the runner for my Easter brunch table this year. I love the rich spring colors and the all the flowers so my table decor is going to be colorful and full of tulips as well. Apelt table cloths are my brand cause the quality is insane good for a very reasonable price and the motives and different styles are endless.

Makeup organizer // I got this cause it is the most hyped makeup organizer since the clear one from Styled Collection and I also like that you can adjust the size of the different compartments to the products you are taking with you. That is a great tool if you love/want to stay organized while travelling and have an overview at all time what you are bringing with you. If you are interested in a seperate blog post about the product be sure to check back next week as I am reviewing mine a lot closer on the blog.

Potatoe grater // Awesome if you are planning on making lots of dishes based on a potatoe dough. It grates perfectly and all you further have to do is to mix your potatoes with the other ingredients. Love using it and it doesn´t hurt your hands at all.

Initial necklace // Since this has been all over the place for such a long time I finally gave in and got the dupe version on amazon. It´s not that that I didn´t want it in first place but the Céline version was just too pricey and sold out too quick. I got the K and the R and

Shirataki noodles // On my hunt for carb and sugar less products (I do have a small metabolic disorder but more on that in another post) I came across these noodles and I have to admit I have never heard of them before and I have been very sceptical regarding taste, consistency and smell but I am really satisfied. If I had to compare them they would be the most similar to chinese glass noodles but with less carbs. Super easy to use for meals and not bad either. I only had the Spaghetti so far but might get other noodle shapes or rice next.

Protein cookies // I have been on the hunt for a sweet treat with practically no sugar for a long time and I finally pulled the trigger on this one. To be honest I expected THE worse but I was pleasantly surprised. They are nothig compared to real cookies in terms of flavor or softness or taste but they are totally okay. The cookie itself is pretty compact but it is chewy and it doesn´t taste to bad, also I have a feeling that it saturates pretty quickly cause I can not eat more than a half with my coffee. I don´t eat sweets everyday but sometimes I get a craving and now I can eat half a protein cookie and everything is fine. I would not recommend them if you would like to eat them on a daily base or more than one a day cause they are pricey. I had the normal chocolate flavored this time but I am going to order the white chocolate next.

Protein cereal // Also another way to save myself from eating to much sugar and carbs and it also helps me to stay full for a longer time after breakfast. 30 gr might not be a lot but it is absolutely enough.

Wilton food coloring // The best food color for cakes or frostings ever. Super pigmented and beautiful shades. Worth every cent.

Magnesium citrate // I got this for Florian because he first used normal Magnesium but it didn´t do a lot for him (always has problems with muscle cramps in his calfs áfter soccer games), but this daily supplement has been of great use.

Wow, seems like this has been a food focused month.

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How to wear a velvet dress + my guide to shop at SheIn…










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Velvet dresses didn´t get me as excited as the rest of the fashion crowd when they came out and I wasn´t into them right away. I first thought that is such a grandma material and not flattering at all but I am sure open to be taught a better one. And I was. My first velvet piece was a gorgeous blush t-shirt I have worn so many times the last winter and spring that I can not count it. So the styling of more velvet pieces followed. I got a gold studded blazer jacket, a burnt orange skirt and this beautiful dark blue midi dress. I ordered it from SheIn and it came in time and was made of good quality and great color. Definitely gonna wear this on one of the Holidays. 
I paired it with all gold accessoires and a nude faux fur jacket but it would be also really pretty if paired with silver heels and accessoires.
So let´s move on to the next topic I get several question about. Ordering pieces from the SheIn online shop. I know some of you don´t trust the shop or have read lots of bad comments or reviews but I have to say (and this post is in no way sponsored, just wanted to share my experience with you) I have never gotten one bad piece where I thought this has to go into the trash can right away. I never had a lost or forgotten order and customer service is really fast.
How is the quality? // It depends on what you get but I have to say mostly good. I really never had such a bad piece I couldn´t wear. The skirt and dresses I ordered had been lined so far. There was never a seam that opened right away or was already open. Also the sequins on differnt items are sewed on very well.
How are the prices? // I think they range from very affordable (you could say cheap as well but I really don´t like the negativity of the word) to normal. You cant get a blouse from 8 to 15 € and coats from 20 to 60 €. They also offer daily flash sales including a wide range of products and almost always discount codes to save money.
How long takes shipping? // It depends on the season. They are really busy around every holiday so be sure to place your order early
How is sizing? // Sizing can be really tricky so I wouldn´t give to much of the size comparisons they have. ALWAYS meassure. I do this everytime (had a piece that was way too small on my first order) and I have never had one that didn´t fit again. Be sure that you don´t meassure to tight. One or two centimetres don´t impair the fight or the silhouette but it can give you a little more freedom of movement. 
How can I pay? // So this one is the easiest question of all. You can pay with any credit card and if you don´t have one you can pay through Paypal but you always have to pay upfront. 
What else do they offer? // You can get rewards in form of points by confirming the arrival of the package and also by uploading and posting a styled picture with one of your bought articles and I think you also get points by reviewing pieces. I hope this helps a little to get rid of your concerns about bad comments. If you are still not sure about it why not order one simple piece and see if you like it.

Here are some of the pieces I got lately and loved a lot:

– olive pearl ruffled sweater
– leopard sequin pencil skirt
– 60´s inspired tie-neck sweater
– pink corderoy blazer jacket
– clear wooden handle bag
–  neon pink turtleneck sweater
– fringe hem striped poncho sweater
– white eyelet blouse
– scalloped hem t-shirt (so many pretty colors available)
– sequin cami dress

And now have fun shopping. 

As always thanks for stopping by. Take care. See you.


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