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Hi guys,
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are you also as glad as I am that the weekend is here?! Couldn´t be happier. 

We went to Ikea yesterday so I could finally get a new closet solution for my shoes. There was one when we moved in but in fact it was the biggest crap I have ever seen. The back was open so I always had little spiders sharing my shoes with me and the wood was so sharp so it did scratch some of my shoes. Enter tears here. 

Now I have the Pax closet solution I have our bedroom and closet and I couldn´t be happier. The storage volume is awesome and it is closed on every side so more spiderwebs on my shoes. This really has been so gross.

In fact that has been everything I was looking forward to this week. Is this sad?

We are heading out to Florian´s cousin later to play with her baby. He is just the cutest but meanwhile he got really big and boy is he heavy. 

I have sent out my wedding invitations last weekend and so far everyone was very pleased and excited. Hopefully everyone is attending.

Since Easter is right around the corner I started preparing already. Going to try out some new recipes for our Easter brunch and of course the table scape needs to be set. I am going for a gold and purple theme this year.
I had been interviewd from LookVine about my style and my passion for fashion. I keeping you updated when the interview goes live.
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Going to shoot some more Spring looks today. Although the weater had been gone back to freezing and snow. I can´t believe it.
Thanks for stopping by. Take care. See you.

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2 Kommentare

  1. Yes, I am glad the weekend is here because I found some time to read blog posts 😀
    It's nice that you found a closet solution and (hopefully) won't have to share shoes with little spiders anymore.
    It sounds like your wedding planning is going well.
    Best of luck with your Spring looks fashion outfit / lookbook photoshoot!
    Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

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