Sephora beauty finds round up + other pieces I recently tried out…

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Good morning my sweet friends

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and welcome to another round of beauty products. I have been testing some of them for a longer time than others but feel comfortable on sharing them with you over on the blog today.

So with no further ado, here they come:

Sephora High Coverage Concealer // I have bought this in December and loved it ever since. It is my number one concealer in terms of covering all the irregularity on your skin. It smoothes it out nicely and looks so well on. There are so many different colors available so there has to be a shade for every one. Mine is Ivory and I am already on the second one and will continue using it for forever – probably.

Sephora Matte Perfect compact powder foundation // Another awesome item I have gotten from the Sephora collection. Stays matte for at least a half day which is great for me cause sometimes I don´t even make it until breakfast. I use it as a powder over my foundation but it would definitely be enough in the summer as a light and airy makeup. I am using color 21 Petal.

Jade Roller // I have added this tool to my beauty routine a few month ago and I am very pleased about it and still use it. Mostly for applying my lotion in the morning cause it really helps with the swollen under eye region or any other puffiness you want to get rid of. It cool down your skin and massages in your eye cream or face lotion. I think this is definitely an awesome item to complement your beauty routine.

Mario Badescu drying lotion // My S.O.S product when I feel a pimple is going to make its debut very soon. I apply it before I go to bed and usually it is way better in the morning already.

essence matte blotting paper // Great go-to item to throw into your purse. I have one of these in almost every purse since they are super affordable and an absolute need when you have oily skin like I do. Helps your face to stay matte without applying more make-up throughout the whole day.

Comodynes jelly face mask // I am a mask girl. I don´t know about you but I love face masks. Whether they are liquid or a paste or a sheet mask. The home wellness factor gets me evey time and I feel refreshed and like a new person after a mask. Since I first heard of the brand last summer (got their self tanning sheets for my legs) I have taken a closer look what products they carry and decided to order this jelly mask. It has a real jelly consistency and feels like jello on your skin but I really think it supports it a lot. I had little scrub particles in my mask too so when you wash it off your face you also peel it in one step. Really liked that a lot. My face looked refeshed, cleaned and matte afterwards.

Annemarie Börlind night cream // This is my current night cream and I don´t have too much to say about it. It is okay I think. The consistency isn´t too thick and overall it is a great lotion for oily skin. I didn´t get any skin problems or break-outs from it but I might switch to a face oil when it is empty.

Big Sexy Hair hairspray // Awesome product for adding volume and texture to your hair to stay. I didn´t think it would work this great but it does. It literally stays in my hair and holds its shape the whole day but it is pricey. I paid 18 Euro for one bottle and my regular hairspray costs 4 Euro. I mean it makes a huge difference but it definitely isn´t a everyday product.

L.O.V hyaluronic primer // I first got this at a beauty trade show I attended in October and I am glad I did cause since it was officially launched by the brand it has won a beauty awarda and has been sold out ever since. In my opinion the hyaluronic primer is the perfect addition to your beauty routine since it helps so much to support your skin with the moistness it needs. Goes on very smooth and creates a great base for makeup or concealer you might want to add.

NYX worth the hype mascara // I gave it a shot cause I was on the search for a new mascara which brought me back to the one I have been using all the time. I think the mascara is good as well as the brush and I like how easy and smudge free it is to apply but for me it doesn´t transfer as much color as I would like to have on my lashes so it is quite the work before I am satisfied with it. I am going to use it until it´s empty but won´t purchase it again.

As always thanks for stopping by you guys. And if you have and questions or want me to try out a special product feel free to email me.


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My Beautician´s tips for better skin…


Good morning guys,

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today we are talking a little skin care over here. You might know I have started to go to the beautician a few months before my wedding because I wanted my skin to look the best possible.

I have been going there ever since every month and my skin improved a lot. I really have to admit it . It does help a lot when your skin gets “cleaned out” of all the blackheads and pimples on a monthly base. I also enjoy my hour there a lot. It is my personal wellness for the day and so relaxing.

Talking to her about what I can do at home to make my skin look better and more flawless has also helped so I am sharing her top tips here today:

# 1 // Don´t drink unfiltered water from the pipes cause it is to dirty and it will reflect on your skin (better get yourself a water filter like from Brita – saves plastic bottles too).

# 2 // Don´t drink to much sparkling water – it overacidifies your body which is also bad for your skin.

# 3 // Help your skin to improve itself by taking zinc as a dietary supplement.

# 4 // Peel your face 2 x a week to make sure your skin doesn´t harden. It helps a lot for the skin cells to breathe and also takes away the old ones to help your skin renew itself.

# 5 // The two best ingredients in a lotion for acne prone skin are biotin and zinc (for example zinc is included in baby´s rash lotions).

#6 // Drink – if possible – 3 l of water/unsweetened tea/black coffee a day.

# 7 // Make sure to regularly get your skin cleaned out to maintain it and keep it at the same level.

# 8 // Try to eat not to much sugar, this is the same for fruit as they contain a lot of fructose and that isn´t the best for your skin either

# 9 // I also try to skip as much dairy as possible cause it is also supposed to be bad for your skin and to cause major breakouts and I overall feel better without it. My only weakness is queso!!

Also I have rounded-up all the products I am using currently in the widget below to fight my bad skin.

Thanks for stopping by. Take care. See you.

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