Black and White Winter Style and the prettiest Herringbone Coat under 30 Euro…

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I have had a hard time styling cute looks the last two weeks although I have been trying so hard but January always gets me. I feel uninspired and it´s not like I can find colors I would love to wear out in nature cause everything is dead and dirty. 

But it doesn´t have to be super colorful all the time to look great (I know this coming from me is a really strange thing but hear me out). I have had some cute monochrome outfits lately and also black and white is really stylish.




The Cold Weather Edit – Coats and Jackets to wear now…


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We have had the worst Winter weather the last couple of days and tomorrow even the schools and kindergarten are closed. We are making the most out of it and having a pajyama and hot chocolate day I guess.

I do not like snow but to be honest I love layering and I have a ton of different coats cause I just love a great piece of outerwear that much. To be honest my classic wool coat is my go-to. It just fits with my whole wardrobe. The other coat I have gotten my money´s worth out is the white faux fur coat. It gives serious mob wife vibes and I am here for it.

My Coat Collection

The Classic Wool Coat


The Colorful Coat


The Puffer Coat

The Puffer Vest

The Teddy Coat


The Faux Fur Coat


The Shearling Coat / Jacket



The Plaid Coat


Red and Tweed / Classic Beige Wool Coat…


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This would also be a very cute Christmas Eve or for one of the following Christmas Days. Red in December is just so festive.

I have always loved a skirt and sweater combo especially for the colder months but I wanted to talk about the wool coat here. I have had this coat for fine years now and it is the one I wear most every year. A beige wool coat is a classic statement piece that shouldn´t be missed in ones closet. 

The coat fits very well with dresses/skirt and pants and is perfect for casual occassions as well as dressy events. 


What I wear in a week #reallifestyle 54…

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The last two weeks of looks you could clearly see that we either had some errands to run or work at home to do or that we got invited and or went out. The outfits could have note differed more from casual to chic than in this post. 

I personally love these kind of outift diaries cause you can get so much inpso out of it and also remember the days and activities by outfit. This is how my brain is wired. I have always connected these two things.