Color Themes – Green

Hi guys
today´s blog post is about another color I like a lot – GREEN.
It can be such a fresh and pretty color for summer or so mysterious and dark for winter. Such a versatile color with lots of different shades
So here is a little explanation about the color:
Green is the color of nature and life. It symbolizes self-respect, money, well-being and freedom.
Green is the healing and healthy color.
And if you like Friday – green might be your favorite J (or now it might be all of us)
Here are some of my favorite items in green:
Of course a soft leather bag is always a good deal but in this great and vibrant green it looks super special.
Green fits to a lot of colors you gotta try this out by yourself but I promise you are gonna be surprised.
If your bag is only green –without any pattern- like mine, you can pimp it with a nice and short silk scarf. Looks really rare then.

Another great green  item I like is this body mist from Yves Rocher. It is from their summer edition. 
The smell is so fresh.
It is with apple and anis and it is really long lasting.

A super great candle I got from the H&M Home department. It really smells like a wood of pines. Such a nice scent.

In my opinion this is the best smelling hand lotion I have ever used. I first used it in the bathroom of the soccer business lounge where we usually watch the games and it was mindblowing. I don´t know exactly which ingredient makes the super smell. Might be the whole mixture.
And for about 2 Euros it is really cheap.

The next ones are glasses I use in my living room for myself or for guests. They are from the glass company Leonardo. They have lots of pretty
stuff either it is decoration for your rooms for every season or it is porcelain for your kitchen, living room or dining room.
I think they also have jewelry now.

What do you think about green?
Wich color do you want next ?
Take care. See you. Love K.

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