Dressing up for this years first Winter Ball

Hi guys,
yesterday I went to our annual winter ball at our city university.
always liked attending at balls first of all because I am a dancer and I
love dancing and listening to all of those great live bands. And aren´t
there a huge selection at phenomenal ballgowns. I decided to go with
this flowy black one also had a green one as backup. First I couldn´t
decide which one
I should wear but then I took the black one.
a strapless dress with a heart neckline. and it has sequins on a kind
of belt around the waist. I paired it with a short matching silver
jacket because it is still cold. Kept the jewelry pretty simple. Silver
chandelier earrings and some rings and my usual armcandy – that´s it.
Didn´t have the time for a updo yesterday because I was working so long so I curled my hair and was good to go.
Have you been to a ball this year already ?
Take care. See you. Love K.

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