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Hi guys,
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since the weather is so steady bad – lots of snow and ice and low temperatures – and lots of people around us are ill or/and caught the flu I am sharing one of my grandma´s recipes today. I always loved heading to my grandma´s house in the Winter time or flu season and enjoy a delicious bowl of hot soup. 
A healthy chicken noodle soup. This kind of soup is supposed to keep you healthy or to help you get on your feet again.

And summarized it also tastes so good and is not difficult in the making. It cooks on its own.

Here is what you need:

– chicken thighs
– a carrot
– one leek
– one piece of celery
– few leaves of lovage
– salt / pepper / vegetable broth
– soup noodles 
–  chives cut – can also be frozen since they are only to garnish
 – pair two litres of water (or if you want more broth you take more, the importance is that the chicken thighs have to be covered) with the needed amout of broth
– cut the vegetables in small pieces and put them in the pot with the water
– now wash the chicken thighs and put them in the pot as well (make sure they are covered with broth)
– let it cook for about 45 to 50 minutes on medium heat – needs to cook all the time
– heat up water in a different pot for the soup noodles about 15 minutes before the chicken is done and cook the noodles till you like them
– take out the chicken thighs and separate the meat from the bones (be careful so you don´t take of a small bone as well with the meat)
– combine everything in a soup bowl
– garnish with chives and enjoy
– you can spice it up with some more salt and pepper if you want

I totally love it and probably gonna make this over and over again.

Thanks for stopping by. Take care. See you.

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