Day trip to Strassbourg – France – what to eat, what to see…


^Notre Dame^

^maison Kammerzell – the oldest timbered house in France – now a restaurant and hotel^

^scenic bistro like straight out of a french movie^

^petite france^

^the docks where the boat rides start^
 ^found a year round christmas store^
^quiche lorraine – tastes so so good^


Hi guys,

after our stay at the Europapark Rust we dediced to vistit Straßbourg for our last day. This really made sense because the city was only about 50 km away so it was a quick 30 minutes ride to this beautiful small french city. 

After being owned by the Germans and a short time as a free city, Straßbourg was earned back by the french people and still belongs to them until today. 

The city is famous for different european courts but also for tannery. This happened in petite france. A small quarter a little offside of the city centre. But this kind of work has been discontinued for a long time now and all that still remains are the buildings which where famous for it. 

If you enter the city from the car parks you are just a few corners away from a huge and impressive church called Notre Dame. It is really really big like if you are trying to get the whole building on one photo you would fall back. Before the church there is a huge place with lots of different cafe´s and bistro´s. We went for lunch to one of them after exploring the streets of Straßbourg. 

If you are planing on eating lunch be sure to try out the Quiche Lorraine – a famous french dish including eggs, bacon and onions. 
Right when we entered the city I found a souvenir shop that was right up my alley. Beautiful ceramic mugs, fluffy fleece lined christmas socks and gingerbread men all around. 
You can wander around and explore the city by foot but it you really want to see anything I would recommend a boat ride. We did one and it was really great. Do wouldn´t notice that Straßbourg has so many bridges until you go on a boat. 
Thanks for stopping by. Take care. See you.
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