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Hi guys

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there aren´t a lot of things I like to make by my own but as I have seen this super cute straw totes all over Shopbob and Nordstrom I wanted one of them for Summer so badly. But they are expensive. 

In fact I don´t want to pay 200 to 300 Euros for those kind of bags so I searched the Internet and I decided to make one by myself. You just need two things. The straw tote and the pompoms. The tote is from amazon. You can find one here, here and here and the pompoms are from Etsy. They are available in every color and every size.

First I wanted them to sew onto the bag but since I am DIYing for my wedding I decided to use my hot glue gun and friends this worked out great.

This really is super easy. 

Step 1
Get your straw tote. Size, shape, color – what ever you prefer.

Step 2
Get your pompoms. Etsy has such a wide range on pompoms. At most stores you can choose colors or get a mix if you prefer that.

Step 3
Get your glue gun and let it heat up.

Step 4 
In the meantime place your pompoms as you like them.

Step 5 
Glue them onto your straw bag and let the glue dry.

Et voilà. You got your personalized bag no one else is carrying around.

Do you like DIY´s or do you prefer buying items?

Thanks for stopping by. Take care. See you.


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