Essence – Merry Berry Trend Edition

Hi guys
today I am showing you some products of the essence trend Edition Merry Berry.
There are lots of purply shades so this might be this years most trendiest Christmas Color.

So here are the products I purchased:


The merry berry lipstick
Color – let the berry tales begin
It is a dark but very vibrant lip color – great feeling on your lips.


The packaging is really nice for Christmas time. The golden Highlights on the products create such a festive feeling.

Merry berry highlighter powder
I love my golden pumps
Super soft and great smelling powder. A golden shimmery highlighter with such a gorgeous star pattern. Really fits to this Special season. Puts a nice shine on your face.


Merry berry nail polish
Purple with purpose
Purple nailpolish which is matching with the lipstick from the trend edition. It is a metallic color. The particles are shimmering in every kind of light. The bottle is soooo cute with this little golden cover. Incredible cute !


Merry berry nail Stickers
I save the last Dance for you
Haven´t tried those yet. Put I am curious how they are gonna work. They seem to be very thin so it might be a little difficult. But we´ll see.

Hope you are enjoying the season so far.
Take care. See you. Love K.

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