Oven Backed Chicken Thighs with Rosemary Potatoes

Hi guys
today I have another really simple recipe for you. There is really nothing difficult in this one.
Frozen chicken thighs you can also take fresh ones but I always use the same ones
Potatoes (about a Pound)
and spices to make the marinade for the rosemary potatoes:
Olive Oil
Garlic (of course – that might be the only ingredient which is in every meal)
Dried rosemary (you can also use fresh one)
Salt and Pepper
a sprinkle of lemon juice
some honey
and a tbl. of mustard
Cut the potatoes into little cubes. They won´t take that long in the oven when the pieces are smaller.
Put everything into a bowl – also the potato pieces and shake shake shake – until the seasoning is all over the little cubes.

Put the chicken thighs and the potato cubes into the oven – onto several baking Sheets.
If you like you can also put some olive oil and spices onto them.

Wait for about  30 to 40 minutes and then enjoy your delicious and easy meal.

Take care. See you. Love K.

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