Essence Trend Edition – Make me pretty

Hi guys

here are a few products from the Essence – Make me pretty limited edition.

In this edition it is all about brushes. They got all kinds of different make up brushes and each is looking different. They got bright and vibrant colors and patterns from dots to checks. Super cute and a real highlight for your bathroom.

This one is the eyebrow combo brush. It is vibrant blue with lighter dots. You can use this one on both sides. In the package they all have a different saying. This one says : do more things that make you happy.

The second one I purchased is the powder & highlighter brush. In orange with some zigzag stripes on the handle The brush hair is also orange. Haven´t used it so far but it feels super soft.
This ones package says: if you love life, life will love you back.

And of course a liquid brush cleanser for your brushes hygiene.
Always important to keep your brushes cleaned and fresh otherwise you can get some really bad skin from the bacterias which can arise inside the brushes.
You should clean them once a week if you use them a lot.

Things are still in store this month so hurry up if you want to have some of these.

Take care. See you. Love K.

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