70ies flair and a red trench

Hi guys

hope you a all had a great start into the new week. Full of colder weather and fall outfits.
This is one of my most favorite jackets I own so here is a quick close up for you.

The focus of the oufit should be the flary 70ies inspired pair of jeans. Lately I am totally into this trend. Love the shapes and colors and patterns and materials – hope you understand what I want to say ……….. 🙂

The shirt I am wearing is a little wider at the waist area – you can get this one almost everywhere.  The necklace is H&M – they might still have it in stores. I thougt it looks great. The colors are super matching. Shoes are from Zara – but their last years collection. 

The trench is super light and comfortable. It is from Zero. The scarf is old – I don´t even know where it is from but it matches with the whole theme.

This is the first fall ouftit I posted this year. Keep reading for more..
Take care See you. Love K.

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