Fall Photo Shoot Inspo for the whole Family…


Fall is without a doubt my favorite season whether the sun is shining or it is raining I really don´t care. It is the season where I am the most happy and have the most anticipation of all the upcoming holidays and festivities.

We do a family photo shoot for our Christmas cards every year and and this time I picked Fall again as the season to shoot in. It´s just the most colorful season of all.

For every of our family photos I color coordinate our outfits and I always decide on a color theme upfront. I have never struggled with this cause I do have a pretty safe and easy system.

How to start color coordinating every family member for a photo shoot

This is very easy to me cause I have done this numerous times this way. To beginn with I usually pick an online shop that sells woman, men and kids clothing so I can have all of my favorites in one folder at the end of browsing.

I usually pick out my dress first and add a second color that fits the season or take a second color out of the dress – if it has a print – to pick out the other pieces for the look. Then I start looking by filtering all the colors I would like to have in mens and kids.

Every piece that fits the bill and the size of course (I would also put a filter on this otherwise it can be that you have to start over again soon) comes in my favorite folder and when I am done with everyone I start dismissing pieces out of the favorites folder. Clothes that don´t fit well enough with the other hues or I end up not liking and also clothes I think won´t look very good on photos. After all you are mostly moving while shooting, at least with a toddler. 

There are trendy colors and colors which will always work but my top picks for this year are:

Sage and Creme

Baby Blue and Marigold

Blush and Burgundy

Steel Blue and Orange / Cognac Brown

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