How I pack for our Summer Vacation…


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I have a very difficult relationship with packing. I love booking vacations and going on trips as well as I love cute luggage and travel gadgets but packing is not fun. I am a chronic overpacker with no improvement in sight and don´t get me started about unpacking. It took me six weeks to unpack my hospital bag!!!

But to at least improve the slight overpacking a little I am packing by outfits. If I am honest I could never just throw anything together and make it work. That is just not how I function.

To make the whole packing process a little easier I plan up front. How many days will we be gone? Do I need day and dinner attire ? What about poolside looks? And so on and so on…

For our upcoming trip we will be gone four days so I need two travel outfits, two day outfits and three evening styles as well as 3 poolside looks. I probably gonna pack one or two reserve looks cause I get spit and pooped on a lot these days but other than that I think my outfits are all set.

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