Pre-Fall Style – Ripped Denim Shorts…


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It is finally the end of August so I am sharing my first Fall inspired look on here today. To be honest I couldn´t wait to style and wear Fall inspired looks although it was still hot when I shot this but with all the heat and no rain the leaves on the ground make for a great Fall background.

I have never been a huge fan of all the super tiny shorts that have been so popular but the bermuda trend really gets me. Still cute to wear but my ass isn´t falling out of the pant if you know what I mean.

This might also be one the trendiest Gen Z looks I have ever worn. The white sneakers, the denim bermudas and the belt bag. I mean not what wear everyday but I defnitely felt good and oh so amazingly trendy. 

Have you guys started to pin pieces and looks for Fall our can´t you let go of Summer yet?

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